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A good place for cheap trinkets

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First off, I'm interested to know where others stock up on trinkets, aside from the Dollar Store. Does anyone know of any places to order goodies similar to the Oriental Trading Company? (I've looked, but couldn't finsd anywhere else with the diversity of cheap interesting cache trinkets)


When visiting my sister a few weeks back, she showed me a catalog for the Oriental Trading Company (www.orientaltrading.com ), which has lots of cheap but interesting toys/etc that would make great trinkets. I just recieved my order, and am overall pleased with it. I got a gross of little pop-up 'eyes' for about $4 (flip them inside out, place on a table, and they'll jump), 6 dozen mini foam gliders for about $7, a dozen wire puzzles ($6), and a dozen of the chineese 'health ball' keychains ($12)(2 of which didn't work well, but at a buck each... I called the company and they're sending me a gift certificate good twards my next order that more than makes up for the value of the 2 that don't work). Shipping and handling was about $10.


The 'pop-up eyes' and mini gliders I figure on placing a few in caches that need a bit of help, or when there's nothing I want to take. The wire puzzles and health balls are for the better trades. They also have 2 dozen AA batteries for $2.50. Can't verify how good/long those would last, since I forgot to order them, but as cache trinkets they might work quite nicely.


Anyone else have any places for quantity cheap (but nice) trinkets they'd like to recommend?


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We have a company here in Fort Wayne that's like Oriental Trading but without the hassle of mail-order or the concern that you'll get something that doesn't look quite like the picture. I'm sure most reasonably-sized cities have something similar. The one here is listed on switchboard.com (and presumably in other yellow pages) under "Carnival Supplies (Wholesale)"


It says wholesale, but if you call you find out that - for them anyway - that just means that they have a $5 minimum purchase.


And hey, if that doesn't work, we're only a 3 hour drive from Detroit. C'mon down and hunt some caches and buy some trinkets.



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I hate going there, but Walmart can be a good source. A new rain poncho isn't a bad find and cost around $1. During the back-to-school sales they had solar calulators for $1, and not those little check book ones either. They also have little knives in the camping area for under $1.


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dogsoldier ...


Hmm... maybe I should have stated 'inexpensive' trinkets.... I tried to avoid ones that seemed too cheap/cheasy. Besides, the gliders and pop-up toys I'd use pretty much as take nothing, left small toy. I'm running out teany beanies (yes, still in original bag) that I'll often leave even if I take nothing.


I figure some kid might get a kick out of them. I loved those little pop-up things and toy gliders when I was a kid. To each his/her own.... (and no offence taken)


I walk the Maze of Moments, but everywhere I turn to, begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish..

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I have shopped for geocaching at:

the Dollar Store

CVS/Brooks Drug Stores

Antiques shops

Tag, garage, yard, barn sales


The craft store (for hand made objects)

Save The Children

Local Supermarket

my junk/jewelry drawer

the Mall (ewwwww, hate the mall!)


I would add to my list as a good spot:

The Christmas Tree Shoppes

Peir One Imports

Any cool gift/touristy store while on vacation.


Basically, anywhere I see something cool that would fit in a cache.


Cache you later,


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I generally don't trade much anymore but I do keep a couple toy items for when my kids go with me. Target usually has good deals on toys that aren't being marked anymore. As an example, if the planet of the apes, or any other big movie is already out on video, toys that follow that movie are being cleared out. So you can get a $6-

$7 toy for 1 or two bucks.


I visited Chinatown in San Fran a few months ago and had a good time visiting the shops. Lots of litte 'jade' and wood carvings for a couple bucks each. Little dragons and buddahs, fans, chinease coins, keychains. All realativly inexpense and interesting enough to leave in a cache.





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I've been getting stuff at OrientalTrading for a while now. When they come in handy is when I'm going to be doing a lot of caches on a trip and I won't be trading but I'd like to leave something behind, I can get a few dozen of something neat.

If I'm doing 20 or 30 caches in a weekend, I don't want to leave behind a $4 geo-tile at each one.

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Originally posted by enfanta:

... archie mcphee and American Science and Surplus. Both good places for amusing, unusual stuff. (I bought a 3 pack of rubber chicken key chains at Archie McPhee for about $6. Not bad...)


Beat me to it.... I was about to mention Archie McPhee as a source for things.


And I always love going over to the American Science and Surplus store here in chicago. The catalogs are a hoot as well. They are here.



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I was trying to convince her that some of the items she's collected over the years would make for a perfect trade, but she seemed to have a different opinion.


Back to stealing toys from the kid while she's not looking.


Seriously though, swap meets (flea markets) can be great places to find really odd things to place in a cache.

I may never buy new plastic again.

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Buy yours TODAY! (at American Science and Surplus)


Screaming Orange Vest

Play road worker. Walk in the woods without looking like a deer. Hope to be seen when changing a tire. Every style conscious person knows there is a time and a place when nothing will do except a screaming orange vest. Ours is fairly light plastic with a black plastic trim strip on the edges and as ties at the waist. It might wrap three times around a six year old, but our one size will fit all adults.


(was $1.75)

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For kids trades, I think they has some O.K. stuff. I've also been to the local flea market where I found some shark's teeth (probably boring in FL but kinda cool in IN) and fossils that I picked up to stock one of my themed caches. I was also hoping to go to one of the area Rendezvous/Pow Wows where I remember seeing neat things like arrowheads, dream catchers, beaded items, etc. I didn't make it this year but will try again next year and hopefully stock up on some cache goodies.


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