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Dunno if I'd pay $20 for a compass in a metallic case that would get scratched up easily with use. Plus don't know the actual quality of it. Great durable lensatics can be had for less. Still, it looks nice at least. Would like to hear a quick blurb on it when someone actually gets one and uses it.



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I like the look of the compasss but i have to agree with dthigpen its a little pricy and its nickle case would quiclky lose its luster after a short period of usage. But at the price and sharp look it would make a great christmas present for a chacher especailly if they wanted somethign for show to leave on the dash of the car or to put on the mantle...... I wouldn't mind having one of them for christmas Shadow.. icon_rolleyes.gif


Eeyore icon_biggrin.gif


Get a whole lot of cache for the investment of a little change.

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I know that we are only the minority but I have to agree with the rest and add that maybe poles should be had for this type of stuff like Jeremy did with the vests. My opinion, is that the compass, camera and license plate frames are all a bit silly and useless and won't make a lot of money. I hope I am wrong. I think we need to start a thread if it hasn't been done already with ideas of which we would like to see with the geocaching logo on it along with what we would pay.



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As some of you have guessed, the compass, license plate cover and soon-to-arrive vests were meant as holiday gift items. Although we ordered a bunch of the license plate covers and can order the vests as needed, we only ordered 100 of the compasses and still have a bunch left (they only started selling 2 days ago). They happen to be high quality compasses and purchasers will definitely not be disappointed. I really like mine (really). Hopefully others will too. Unless they sell like hotcakes, consider them a limited edition as we'll not be reordering them anytime soon. Anyway, we at Groundspeak sincerely hope you like 'em.


Happy Geocaching!




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Originally posted by Rothstafari:

As some of you have guessed, the compass, license plate cover and soon-to-arrive vests were meant as holiday gift items.


Yeah, They definately look like a good stocking stuffer, maybe a good accessory to stick on a desk in the home or office to display your dirty habbit. Good luck with them. icon_cool.gif



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