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Geiger Counter reccomendation

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I've beocome interested in taking radiation readings when I go out geocaching. (Ok, I'm a nuclear nut, I admit it.) I'm curious if anyone here has ever purchaced a GC, and if they have any reccomendations. (I've seen crap-tacular old Civil Defence units sell for under $50, but they can only detect large quantities (over 1 rem/hour?) of gamma and x-radiation.) I want something that's sensitive enough to pick up to background or 0.1 rem/hour of beta particles or gamma/x-ray radiation. Most units I've seen go for between $200 and $300, but $150 is more in my range. Any info would be great!



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A Geiger counter is a very crude radiation-measuring instrument. And it is likely that any you can afford will have negligible sensitivity to betas. But that isn't too big a problem, since if you are getting a significant dose of betas you must be basically holding the source in your hand!


The best radiation detector for estimating dose is an ionization chamber. That's what I recommend you get.

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