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Wish I could say I return but the truth is I don't. Kind of like so many caches so little time. So many parks so little time.




So far so good, somewhat new owner of a second/new Garmin GPS V 20 plus finds so far with little to no problem. We'll see what happens when there are leaves on the trees again.

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Geocaching is just one of my pastimes. Hiking is among my favorites. Thankfully they often can be combined. If a cache hunt takes me to a particularly nice spot, I'll return there with a wedge of Stilton, a good bottle of cabernet, some French bread, a soft blanket and Mozart in my CD player (and sometimes I'll bring my wife).


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We've been to some REALLY cool parks that we never would have found had it not been for Geocaching. Alot of times I'll put in our log that we "loved this park and will definitely be back". But we never have.........There's too many more caches out there to find. So we just need to learn to spend more time at the park that we're at at the time.


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Originally posted by GRANDMASTER CACHE:



Wow, Brian... Don't you have a few live violinists? icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif What's up with the "recorded" music? icon_biggrin.gif

Actually, I believe the live musical instrument of choice for romance in North Jersey is the bassoon.



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One area I have been back to many times, and for different reasons.


- This area had three caches. The munchkin put her foot down after the first find on the first trip, so I had to return.


- Came back for the others, saw someone at my previously posted find. Checked it on the computer for several days with no new posting. Gave me the creeps and I also felt "responsible" for the cache.


- Returned to check on the cache mentioned above.


- Returned to the area once again (I had been there so many times already, it felt like "my" spot) to collect trash. Such a nice area, hated to see trash laying around.


- My return again for more trash collection.


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Except for parks close by that I've always gone too. As the saying goes, So many caches so little time. I love finding new places. That's my biggest thrill. 6 states so far!


Cache you later,



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I enjoy mountain biking and hiking and many of the caches I have found are in places where I enjoy visiting. There have been a few caches that have introduced me to great new areas to hike and bike. I have also placed caches in some of my favorite areas for others to enjoy.


Lake Tahoe Geocacher

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"I never would have known about this park if not for geocaching. I'll have to come back and look around some more. Wish I had time to look around but I was on my way to another cache."


I'll go back to some eventually, but since I got into this my mindset has been the next cache. I expect I'll slow down and do other outdoor stuff once my immediate area (~30 min drive) is depleted, which will be soon.



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