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I think you are confusing DHTML (Dynamic HTML) which requires javascript, and XHTML which is just HTML that obey XML rules.


Since DHTML requires javascript and Jeremy has filters that don't allow javascript to be added by us, it can't be used. But XHTML should be fine, per http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/#xhtml

It is intended to be used as a language for content that is both XML-conforming and, if some simple guidelines are followed, operates in HTML 4 conforming user agents.


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Just wanted to thank those who responded to my inquiry on this subject. I just found the following link, while browsing the web. Some of you may be interested in what it has to say, since it answers my question and then some.




Specific reference is made to the future of portable and mobile communications, with XHTML playing a significant role in that direction.


Furthor comments are still sought on this subject, so feel free to express yourself.


When All Else Fails, RTFM!

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