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Another simple HTML question...


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I have a small gif image on the web that I would like to use in my signature. I would also like the image to be a link to a website. Could someone please show me an example of the code I need to use to accomplish that?


Thank you!




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Ok.. here's what you do.


When you are writing your post, underneath the window you are typing in will be a green bar with the label "Instant UBBCode." Select the URL button. A little window will pop up. In the first space, put the address to the link you want the picture to send the user to. Then in the next space, enter the web address of the picture you want to post enclosed in the UBB flags ( where <> = [] ).


Like this:



The code for / that looks like:



Except replace the <> with [], since the forums use UBB flags rather than HTML.




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