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predictions for first to reach 1000 posts in new forum

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Originally posted by Markwell:

You look kinda like Clark and Kal-el there, buddy.


BTW - how come my Avatar got soo blechy? When I put up the 75x75pix image it wasn't that mushy...



Non omnes vagi perditi sunt


It's a sharpening "feature" I add after it gets shrunk down. It is probably better to import a larger image and have it do the sharpening for you.





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Unless there is really something to say. I know there are people out there who are obsessed with their stats, why, I have no idea. I could post a reply to every topic that ever comes up and have great numbers....but I hardly think that is what these forums are here for. All that being said...my vote goes to Jeremy...he seems so busy answering questions / mederating that he will hit 1000 in no time.

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(consulting crystal ball)


I think it will be a person who does geocaching. They enjoy posting. They have a computer and they spend time on geocaching.com. They will be either male or female, either 1 month old or 150 years old .. or something in between.


By the way, the crystal ball also says that a team from either the American or National league will win the world series. I'm taking bets on that one right now!



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