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Update to the State Search pages...

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We added a new page for state specific searches. Currently it shows:


1. List of organizations for each state (will show more than one if there are local or regional groups)

2. Past and Future unarchived events (up to 5)

3. Recent caches in the state (last 10)

4. Recent travel bugs hidden in the state (last 10)


If there are any organizations missed, please let me know and I will add them. We will be adding additional information on these pages and add provinces/states from other countries as well.


Many states now have as many as 600 caches in them, so this is an effort to allow non-locals to be able to search by city if they don't know a zipcode.


You can access this page by doing a state search on the front page.


Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location™

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