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Geocacher Demographics

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Does anyone (Jeremy?) have any idea about average Geocacher demographics?


I'm planning an extremely well stocked themed cache and need to know things like: how many people play worldwide, in the US, average age, and any sort of useful demographic information that would make corporations want to donate things for it.


Website statistics would be very useful, too.


Granted, I sure don't remember filling out any such form when I registered, but hopefully there's some sort of idea.


We already know that Geocachers are technically oriented since you have to use a GPS and the internet. icon_smile.gif


Any help is appreciated and could pay you back directly if you visit Las Vegas!

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It's not going to be a "sponsored" cache. It's me asking people I know and don't know for donations of gift certificates. There will be no affiliation or direct ties to any specific business, nor will it be on commercial property, so that's not going to be a problem.


It's just going to be chock full (hopefully) of stuff. So far, I have commitments for $200 worth of stuff.


I wouldn't mind adding a "0" to the end of that figure!

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Judging from a recent poll of mine roughly half of all Geocachers work in the computer (i.e. IT) field.


Also, I think I read somewhere in the forums that the average age of a geocacher is 38.


"Men don't stop playing because they get old, they get old because they stop playing" Oliver Wendell Holmes

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