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Fame comes calling to San Joaquin County, California

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Greetings, geocachers! My name is Mike Fitzgerald. I'm a columnist for The Stockton Record, a newspaper in Stockton, California.

I hear that Stockton boasts many geocachers. I've talked to one, and I may follow her on her next hunt and write about this novel pasttime. I'd like to interview others, too, and learn more. If you're a Stockton-area geocacher, I'd like to invite you to contact me at (209) 546-8270. It would be fun to have you in the story, but I plan to publish the story around March 8, so give me a call soon, tell me your stories!


Michael Fitzgerald

Record Columnist


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There's nothing better than first hand experience. Instead of just following her, ask if she'd be willing to loan you her GPSr, if you don't have one, and have HER follow along as YOU seek out the cache. Perhaps have the cache you seek out be one that she's already found in case you don't find it, she can verify the location the cache is supposed to be in. Then perhaps follow along as she seeks out a cache.


I'm lost. I've gone to find myself. If I should happen to get back before I return, please ask me to wait.

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I like IV Worriors idea...


When my son went for his first cache, it was one I had already found... Gave him 10 min class on GPSr and had him pull up waypoints and go for it. I just tagged along to look at scenery...


Want to do some caches on coast near ocean on Monterey Bay or on old Fort Ord, e-mail me!





I'm Diagonally Parked, In A Parallel Universe.


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....you know how it is!


When you go as a *group* someone sees it first.


On this one, I was about 6 feet away looking over an edge, and Mike *jumped up* vertically, looked down and saw it right below him.


It was a fun trip, and Mike does his columns on many subjects...most recently the changes in a women's prison unit near Stockton. He's interesting to talk to about a lot of topics.




I've never been lost. Fearsome confused sometimes, but never lost.

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