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How accurate is a GPS unit ?

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Another thought:

You might have a GPS that is accurate to the mm, but you are still looking for a coordinate that was created by a less accurate GPS.


So, once again you have to search.


My Meridian Color is sometimes right on, sometimes 20 feet off, and in one case was over 50 feet off. Was it my GPS? The other GPS units? Or both?

I still found the targets though, through observation and a couple of good guesses.



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For example, this week-end I lost nearly one hour, desperately searching for a cache. Since I was very close to the indicated location, the GPS constantly told me to move. In a last effort I looked around the area and finally found it.

So your GPS is good to give you an idea where to search, but the last meters have to bee made BY YOUR EYES AND YOUR FEELINGS !!



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I try not to use the GPS as the end all in navigation. Using your head works as well. Think of this. You walk the last 100 feet generally in a straight line. The GPS knows that your walking right towards the target. In fact, it's got the last 100 feet to keep a lock on you and your destination.


When I walk the last 100-200 feet to the cache I pay close attention to where I'm headed to (looking ahead instead of at the GPS countdown). Many times this can lead me right to the location without having to walk in circles. Your GPS is going to be much more innacurate once you stop and start (walking in circle effect). I find that just walking 50 or 60 feet can get you back on a steady lock.








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On my second cache hunt my GPS (Meridian Gold) said One Foot and pointed to the right of me and I looked down on the ground to the right of me and about a foot and a half away I could see the blue of the cache under the thick grass. One thing was: this was in the wide open no trees no cliffs, nothing but open grassland. One of those things I bet will never happen again, but I thought "dadgum! I love this GPSr!"


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Originally posted by Wadcutter:

Yup. I played with one on Monday that's accurate to within 2 cm. Price is about $10,000.


2cm accuracy does need a little clarification as that's not basically possible from one "single receiver" but more a "system" and depending on the "type" of operation.


Cheers, Kerry.


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Originally posted by Kerry:

2cm accuracy does need a little clarification as that's not basically possible from one "single receiver" but more a "system" and depending on the "type" of operation.


True. It's basically a surveying system. It uses 2 antennas on tripods. Used for doing crash reconstruction.

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