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WAAS enabled

Brawny Bear

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WAAS is not that reliable at the moment. There are only two or three of the satellites operational, and there are many locations when you can't get enough of a clear signal to make it useful. According to what I read in my Garmin Legend manual, you pretty much need a wide open space for it to work well.


I also called Garmin tech support at one point, and the person on the line said that if you don't have a good signal, then running WAAS can even make the results more inaccurate. (No, I don't understand yet, but I'm doing some research to get a better answer.)


One other potential down-check is that WAAS takes more power, and will run through batteries even faster. If you do decide to use it, be sure that you have a good view to one of the WAAS satellites (they are near the equator and low on the horizon in many parts of North America).


One more thing to consider: coordinates are likely off a GPS system that isn't using WAAS, which means that the recorded location has its own margin of error, so getting closer to it is not necessarily the same as getting closer to the cache location.

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WAAS is not worth the battery life it takes. I never use it. It only gives me a couple extra feet of accuracy and it doesn't help me one bit.



Not so sure, Somewhat new Owner Of a Garmin GPS V Received on 10-03-02

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I keep WAAS enabled all the time. I get a kick out of seeing 8 to 12 foot accuracy when I'm driving down the highway. In the woods accuracy tends to be in the 18 to 22 foot range so it doesn't really help much.


As far as eating batteries I've heard this before but I honestly don't see a difference. I have to change the battereis in my GPSV about every 15 to 19 hours of use, depending on how much I use the backlight, upload/download to my laptop, etc. So if WAAS does use more power it's not enough to concern me.


Jolly R. Blackburn


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WAAS does eat batteries quicker because it takes more processing power...however, how much quicker, I can't say. Maybe Kerry knows. WAAS really can be impressive with a good lock on the WAAS sats. It can take you from 18' normally to a few feet with WAAS on. How much do you need this? Maybe more of a question of how much you want this. You do need a good view of the horizon where the sats are or it won't help. There are plans to put up a third sat that is much higher in the sky and will be available to most everyone in the US.



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I figure WAAS is quite reliable, otherwise it wouldn't have been put into synchronous orbit. It is we users that are unreliable. We can't be depended upon to do a simple thing like keeping ourselves in view of a satellite. icon_wink.gif


Relative to the latitudes in my area of southern California vs. you northern-tier folks, the elevation of the sats are another 10-12 degrees higher, plus the west coast factor vs. the heartland gives me even higher ascension from the West sat (or East sat, if I lived in Georgia). I can get WAAS even while in some ravines in the local mountain ranges.


If you're in Michigan and northern heartland locations like it, you get the worst of both, and one can see why folks in those places would think WAAS is a useless, battery-munching waste of processing power.


Speaking of batteries, we spend untold dollars buying receivers and all that ancillary equipment we "just absolutely need". What's a few bucks for batteries? We gas our cars and change the oil, feed our cats, dogs, livestock. It's the price we pay for maintenance.


Hopefully some of this will be moot when another bird gets posted to orbit.





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Originally posted by griffweb:

Should I use my GPS with WAAS Enabled? It seems that it is constantly about 20 feet off.






I had tried using WAAS and was disapointed. I didn't see any improvment in accuracy at all. The other day, though, I tried it again and after a while I noticed the accuracy reading was 6 feet! I don't normally get that with my Legend. Checking the Sat screen, I saw about 6 bars lit up with the cutest little 'D' I ever saw. I'm looking forward to experimenting with it some more.


BTW, this was just after the latest firm wear upgrade if that matters.


Keep on Caching,




"We've got the hardware and the software, the plans and the maps ..." -- Citizen Wayne Kramer

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