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Removing jewelry before geocaching


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I often remove my jewelry for any outdoor activity, mainly because I love it and don't want to lose it!


Sometimes my fingers will swell when I intake too much salt or walk a long time with arms hanging down - rings can get real uncomfortable then.

Necklaces and bracelets can tangle in GPS lanyards or get caught in branches.


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I'm afraid of turning my expensive diamond wedding ring into a cache *left* item. My rings stay home.


Also I don't have to worry about banging my hands around reaching around rocks, concrete or whatever one might face on a cache hunt.


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I've already scratched my wedding ring a bit while climbing on rocks and sticking my hand in holes, so nowadays I always remove it on caching trips.


This is not a picture of my wedding ring, but it's about the same size and looks the same. (Our rings were forged by a friend who's a smith.) It's wide, about 10 mm, so the scratches look nasty on it.


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