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Is it ok to name a cache as a memorial?

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I've had this cache for five months now. I had no problem approving it and have enjoyed a few visits with it. I named the cache after my grandmother who died just over a year ago. It was her death that caused me to find recreational hobbies, and found geocaching as a result. What my question is, does anyone have a problem with people naming their caches after people who have passed on?


Here's the site's address




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I've seen several of these caches and have found one. A nicely written cache page that doesn't go "over the top" is greatly appreciated. There are only so many themes you can come up with for "hid an ammo can in the woods." A good story in tribute to a person, and a cache placed near a spot they enjoyed, is cool by me.



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I see no problem with your cache. You clearly state that it is a memorial to your grandmother.


The only thing I might change would be to add your quote at the top of this thread to the cache page to explain why you placed it. I like the explaination, but that it clearly up to you.


It was her death that caused me to find recreational hobbies, and found geocaching as a result.
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In general I don't like Memorial parks, roads, bridges, and trees in parks. Not to mention memorial bricks, park benches, and those white crosses in the road that will kill someone someday trying to read them.


Life is too short to spend it in lamentation of all the dead. Besides there are too many who have walked before us to even try.


However it's your cache name it what you want. She meant something to you and how YOU chose to honor her is none of anyone elses business. We don't need to approve or even understand.



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My brother and I placed a cache in memory of our father by a RC flying field he used go and fly at all the time. It gets great reviews and has collected quite a few pictures of other cachers fathers along with stories about their fathers.


I think its great as long as you don't step out of cache hiding bounds.


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Originally posted by Ttepee:

I thought this cache http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=29471 was done if very good taste. It was placed in memory of the cachers father but asked each finder to take a moment to remember someone they'd lost and place something in the cache in rememberance of the loved one.


Well, that'd certainly cut down on the broken junk! "In memory of my great-grandfather, I leave a stained stuffed animal and a whoopee cushion." LOL





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sure. just don't get sappy on us. and for heaven's sake, try to do something the deceased would enjoy.


now, if yer dead uncle would really like a box full of used golf balls in a creepy cemetery you can only hunt at night and take a picture of yourself in a floral print dress, go for it!


those of us who appreciate te weird will love paying homage. and if you don't like it, don't hunt it.


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