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Alternative Geocaching Wear


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On the reccommendation of another member I am posting this here as it's already been posted in the garage sale area.


Inspired by geocaching and having a really strange sense of humor... I decided to go out on a limb and create some Geocaching T-Shirts, mousepads, etc... Some with some really bad play on words (those with a warped sense of humor may enjoy them).


For those of you that might be interested in having a shirt that's a bit off the beaten trail for your next geocaching event you can check out my geocaching page on my personal website. I'm adding new ones all the time as I come up with something wacky.




These are all my personal work, and it's on my personal home page. I thought I would share some humor with my fellow cachers.










Cache'n Retrievers


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...mind you using their website to advertise items that directly compete with their own product offerings?


I doubt that Jeremy & Co. are getting rich on whatever they make selling GeoCaching.com T-shirts and such, but - considering the enjoyment that the rest of us get from this site - what profit they do see is well earned. It would be a shame if someone used these forums to erode the cash flow of the people who make this all possible in the first place.





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This Cafepress site does sell other geocaching related items (among lots of other stuff). One thing that there really isn't enough of is geocaching merchandise. I would like to buy geocaching coins and cards too. Wish I could find a site that selld that stuff at a fair price.


Will this site hurt the income that Jermey gets from selling the products at geocaching.com? I doubt it. The geocaching logo is nice and gets right to the point. I've bought stuff there before and will again (just placed another order too). While I got a smile out of some of the stuff at the cafepress site, I don't see myself buying any of it.


Garmin Vista

Garmin Street Pilot

and a partridge in a pear tree

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Originally posted by South Deltan:

"...You should ask the site admin (Jeremy et al) about this. They may approve, they may not - best way to find out is to ask them..."

You shouldn't set up a lemonade stand on someone else's front lawn without first asking the property owner if it's O.K. (...especially if he's trying to sell sodas).



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