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USGS topos..?

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So why cant you just down load topos from USGS? its a gov. agency? why do you have to go through places that want to charge you for subscriptions? and all that jazz? the only places i have found that have good maps are maptech, topozone and my college library? and maptech and topozone are kind of a pain because its hard to save or print...

i dont really use GPS for geocaching and its kinda nice to have decent maps? any suggestions??? icon_confused.gif

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I'm not sure what state you are in but many states have web sites where you can download the 7.5 minute digital raster graphics for their state. For example, here in Georgia, the site is

Georgia GIS Data Clearinghouse

For other states, try searching using keywords such as GIS, CLEARINGHOUSE, TOPO, etc. These files can be viewed as images or can be viewed with GIS software such as ArcExplorer.

Good luck

Also, check out the TVA website to download USGS Quads of areas they manage.

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i have since downloaded arcexplorer...pretty cool program and i found the michigan GIS site..lots of drg,dems etc. and i can kinda get them to work in the arcexplorer but i cant get it to measure between points and all that, im sure i just need more time playing with it.. BUT when i get done im going to burn it all to cd and share, because its a pain in the arse!!!

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