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Vacation Caches

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Dear Folks,

I understand the prohibition against leaving caches while on vacation (even tho I totally forgot it when I got to a place and found some great sites.) So I am wondering if a "Vacation Cache" might be created, that would be terminal, that is, it would be expected to die after 8 or 10 visits. I might contain a bit of swag for the finder and then a pre-stamped post card log for the last person to drop into the mail. After that the last finder could re-cycle the container for one of their caches.

Just a thought. I am having tons of fun finding caches in the UK and maybe france, but would love to be hiding some too.

Mike Russell

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I'm still voting no.


With all the local park districts that have banned caching and all the others that require permits, how is a vacationing cacher going to know all the local rules?


A well intended vacation cache in this area could cause a lot of grief for local cachers who are working hard with the parks to expand caching. We have a hard enough time dealing with the uninformed newbies who drop caches in closed areas. Every one hurts our credibility a little bit.


Go on vacation and hunt caches. Then take all the good ideas back home and hide caches there. Don't hide them here, we don't need the extra aggravation.


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While in the last vacation thread that Jeremy said vacation caches would be allowed only with certain circumstances. Here's what Jeremy said.


If you place a cache and the land owner has agreed to maintain it, you are welcome to place one on vacation. To do this you need to put the land manager's contact information (phone number or email will do) on the cache page so if it needs maintaining the geocacher can contact them.


Otherwise don't place caches on vacation. It's irresponsible behavior to hide something you have no intention of maintaining.


I would agree that in your case it is not a good idea, as well as Briansnat's statement about temporary caches.


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uuuuuhhhhhhh, no.


Not to flame or anything, just a couple questions for you.


Who cleans up the caches after the lifespan has passed?


Are you willing to spend several grand to go back to France to get your little $1.00 plastic container?


Or would you expect one of the locals to go clean it up and mail you the logbook?



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Well I am surely glad logscaler did not flame! I indicated that the last person in the list would take the container and recycle it for a future cache.

Several others quoted rules at me, which is fine, cept I was suggesting we chew over those rules.

As for the coments about parks, etc.... those are thoughtful and helpful. In my corner of the world, I have not heard of that being an issue. I have crawled through plenty of parks.

I still think a "degradavle recyclable" vacation cache would be fun. But discussing it is, of course. the first step, eh?



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This subject has been debated to DEATH. Use the search feature and you will find many threads on this subject. The rules are all very clear.


I personally think it's rude to leave a cache in somebody else's 'back yard'. I'm sure there are plenty of places around your home that would be great locations.




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The trend has been against any caches that aren't intended to be more or less permanent (with the understanding that some will inevitably be plundered, or need to be moved because of environmental impact, etc). It's just as much time/effort to approve a temporary cache as a permanent one. If the cache location's a good spot, why limit it to eight finders? And what's to make the 'last' finder actually recycle the cache -- why wouldn't he just trade an item, sign the logbook and leave? If it's not a good long-term spot, can't be maintained, etc... it's really not a good idea to put a cache there. If you've got a really fantastic place in mind, why not contact a local, who presumably knows the local rules, and ask if they'd like to team up with you for a hide and keep the maintenance responsibility?


You can also 'give back' to the locals by leaving good swag in their caches, if your main motivation is to say thank you. If you're just dying to hide caches in general... there's probably a few square feet back home that haven't been taken yet.

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