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Depleted Cache Contents... Not a new topic...but I need to vent!

Us 5 Camp

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Several months ago, I set up a cache as a 1/1 traditional ammo box "proof of concept" cache that was designed to hold signature items. I started with some Geochips, some coins, and some collectible rocks all labeled as signature items from the "Signature Cache". So far this seems to have stayed true to the theme. I also have a theme cache in our botanical gardens that is designated to be for travel and recreation, and so far this also seems to be holding steady, though with some greater degree of variation than Signature Cache.


Take home lessons:

1. Themes seem to help.

2. People leave good stuff when they have to put their names on what they leave.


remybussi.gif By appointment to the Court of HRM Queen Mikki I. remybussi.gif

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