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Fun with GPS - article covers geocaching, and lots more!


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Here's a link to my recent article in the August issue of Monitoring Times magazine. Enjoy!


Fun with GPS - includes geocaching, of course! http://www.monitoringtimes.com/html/gps.html


Although the hardcopy magazine's pages as found on the newsstand are in B&W, the .pdf fiile has color photos & screenshots, AND the links are hot, too!


Use this link to print a copy -



Anton - N2RUD

Syracuse, NY

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Thanks for sharing this great survey of MANY of the uses for a GPSr. Well-written, concise and interesting reading. If you don't mind, I'll print copies to give to the people who just can't understand what I've been doing all summer!


Another good use for this balanced article: Hand over a copy when you shake hands with your local park ranger or land manager.



"Daddy, are we there yet? No, .17 to go. Are we there yet? No, .16 to go....."

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