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Your Dogs Pic instead of your own [fun nonsense]


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We have our first ever "cache creature" as our avatar 'cause we thought that would be appropriate. We take Angie just about every time we head out geocaching. We all have a great time. We posted another one of her on a cache we did entitled "Dog Years", her favorite so far. I am loving these dog pics!




CacheCreatures are spreading... They can hide, but they can't run!

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Originally posted by Stunod:

Originally posted by puppymonster:

Arr rarr... woof!

Woof woof... arrwoof.


Sorry, but this is the wrong thread to be complaining about the lack of stats. Please keep on topic.



__Eamus Catuli!__

http://www.chicagogeocaching.com/_ * _http://www.keenpeople.com/stats/

All this time I thought he just wanted a Milkbone!

I guess CAKoala and the puppymonster were comparing stats. big_smile.gif


mtn-man... admin brick mason

"approver of all trades" -- per Woodsters Outdoors

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Thanks all for your comments. I see we have moved onto the second page so I guess we have gone through all the animal lovers. BUT (and its a big one) if there is still some animal lovers out there with some PET PICS. Come On! We need more great shots. I am still waiting to see a shot of a pet actually retrieving a cache! Where is it?

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