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Another poll: What level are you at?

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I go a little more than "now and then", but not quite "as often as possible". If I can fit a cache hunt into my day, I'll do it. But more often I'll go hiking, or fishing in my spare time. If there is a cache on the way, then great! Maybe that's why I've yet to break 150 finds after almost 2 years in the game.



"Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll sit in a boat and drink beer all day" - Dave Barry


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I am addicted, but I don't go every day, so I voted in the ''I go caching as often as possible'' category. My longest streak was 10 days in a row. I have done 87 caches in the past 5 months (which was the same number I did in total last year, so it seems my addiction is growing).




I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

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Well we have calmed down just a touch.


I checked the middle of the road. Once and a while.


We went over a month without any hunting or finding. On 07-20-03 we went and found 18 without trying hard.


I guess this is calming down from finding something like 100 plus a month for a while.


I just might have to jump back into the stream again and see what happens.


Then we might have to go to the top line. Again.


Oh, still locationless free.



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I'll plan geocaching days. A recent day involved the hardest 1.25 mile Hike I've ever done and resulted in one of us breaking a couple of ribs as we were only a quarter mile away. But the day in the canyon is something we would of done before geocaching so it all fits well.


Exploring and geocaching have a lot in common.

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Originally posted by Chris&Cindy:

We have been caching for a little over 1.5 months. We have logged 146 caches and hidden 30. Are we addicted or am I wasting my time trying to figure out how to melt Geocaching in a spoon?


When in doubt...hit it with a big hammer.


Hmmmm, mainlining geocaching... what a concept...lol.



"Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.

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I started a long time ago and then moved to Germany. I was under the impression that there were no caches in my area. I put in the cords once and did it wrong. It cost me a few months of caching. Later I realized my mistake and got back to it. I've only got a few finds but I think it's an awesome hobby and it's lots of fun. I got whenever my friends and I feel like it. I'm not at all one of these 10+ cache per day people icon_smile.gif

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You would have to say we go 'evey now and then' not that I couldn't do a lot more virtual caching in my area, but that's more of a Sunday drive type of activity and doesn't interest me too much.


I guess I'm saying we're becoming a little more selective which caches we'll spend gas money and our time on. This last weekend we did a 3/3 which was quite worth it but that only upped my stats by 1, we could easily have hit 10 different virtuals in this area if we had wanted - not that I don't like a good, interesting virtual mind you!



"The hardest thing to find is something that's not there!"

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Last year, I was going once a week and getting 5-8 caches an evening. Now, the cache density around me is much lower, I have less time (selling the house), and I've gotten pickier about which caches I go after. I've done quite a few in the last few weeks after a dry spell. So I also would say somewhere between "as often as possible" and "every now and then".



Well the mountain was so beautiful that this guy built a mall and a pizza shack

Yeah he built an ugly city because he wanted the mountain to love him back -- Dar Williams

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In the beginning (waaay back in Nov '02) I found 2-3 caches every couple of days. Now I could be considered a fair-weather cacher (Ive recently adopted the same attitude about camping). What it really came down to is...I go caching because it is fun; I enjoy being outside. WHen it is too hot or the bugs are too bad it isnt fun, so I dont go. When the weather cools off again and the bugs go bye-bye, Ill get back out there.



The world is a playground. Go outside and play!


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1) I am addicted and have to go caching every day!

icon_biggrin.gif BUT MY WIFE WON'T LET ME


2) I go caching as often as my schedule allows (not EVERY day, but often)



3) I go caching every now and then.



4) I do it just to keep my numbers up.



5) Its become a hassle, more like something I am forced to do.



Somedays I can't get enough, sometime I feel it just for the numbers. But I'm hoping to cut down to a 20 a month habit after I reach 1000.


That waits to be seen. icon_biggrin.gif


Team Sand Dollar

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I didn't vote because I kinda fell into several categories including one in the "none of the above."


1. I am addicted.


2. I do go as often as I can, but apparently not really that often. I mean 40 finds in 2 years is a bit lousy if you ask me.


3. I don't really keep track of my numbers. I find that I like introducing others to geocaching, so I try to select a chace that isn't way too hard to find so it would get them addicted faster.


4. I do, however, ALWAYS go geocahcing when I'm on vacation. I have found the most interesting places and most beautiful views that I never knew were there.


So I guess I'm an addict that always goes geocaching on vacation to keep the numbers up, or as often as I can but that it really hasn't consuming my life over the last two years.


Geocaching Carolinas

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I don't have to go out every day, but I do go out nearly every day. Fortunately, my schedule allows me to go out all day on weekends and in afternoons, if there are nearby caches. It would be interesting to look back on the past year and see how many days I didn't go geocaching... icon_biggrin.gif



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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I am somewhere between I go caching as often as my schedule allows and I go caching every now and then. I know it is hard for people to believe that since I have found 1000 in the last 4 months but also in that 4 months I had about a month and half when I found only 25 or so. When I cache I cache hard.

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Originally posted by BruceS:

I am somewhere between I go caching as often as my schedule allows and I go caching every now and then. I know it is hard for people to believe that since I have found 1000 in the last 4 months but also in that 4 months I had about a month and half when I found only 25 or so. When I cache I cache hard.


Please! We know better. You don't even have a job. You support your addiction by selling back McToys to McDonalds.icon_wink.gif



Pepper playing nice!


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icon_confused.gifI checked Now and Then but it's really more than that. We're retired and traveling a lot and the caching comes in spurts when we are on the road. I've logged 187, in ten states, since I started in late October last year and most of them have been away from my home base. I really should get out one of these days and get all those caches within ten miles of my house. icon_rolleyes.gif



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