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Originally posted by SW PA Cacher:

... does anybody ever take their ATV Geocaching w/ them when it is allowed?


Nope! Don't own one and never will.


I can't stand those things. In most cases they are at best a nuisance, and at worst a hazard. They rip up the trails (when they even bother to stay on them) and cause irreparable damage and erosion to the terrain.


Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that they have their place, particularly in extremely large and remote tracts of land or forests, just not here in densely populated areas. Occassionally, I meet a few (usually adults) who ride responsibly, but the rest are rude, arrogant, and reckless cowboys, or they are teenagers hauling beer to an isolated party spot and trashing it. They have even run down the cops who try to keep them off the town roads and from private property.


Sorry, I could go on, but that's my experience and my two cents, and I would vote to have them banned from this part of the State.


Cheers ...


~Rich in NEPA~




=== A man with a GPS receiver knows where he is; a man with two GPS receivers is never sure. ===

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