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Opinions on the REI Whitney Daypack

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Greetings all! I am using an upcoming trip to Rocky Mountain Park as an excuse to buy a new pack.


I have a Blackburn hydration pack that I use while mountain biking and a "school" backpack. The Blackburn doesn't have enough room for gear for an 8 to 10 mile day hike. The other pack does (and then some), but it isn't the best pack for a hike - no water bottle pockets on the outside, organized more for filing papers, etc.


I looked at the Camelbak HAWG and some of the other daypack/hydration pack combos, but they are VERY expensive IMHO for what you get. I'm sure the HAWG is a great pack, but $100? Really?


Then I stumbled on the REI Whitney Daypack. The price is reasonable (less than a Camelback MULE, Cloudwalker, or TrailBlazer!) and it appears to be compatible with a hydration bladder. Since I have no shortage of those on hand already, I figured this might be the way to go. I haven't even found any non-hydration daypacks that I like for that price. I also like the idea that the hydration pack is optional so I can still use it as an airline carry-on, etc. Plus it has the mesh pockets for water bottles if I go sans bladder.


I don't have an REI in Florida, so does anyone have this pack or have any experience with it? I think I'm going to make the purchase.


Thanks in advance!


-- Scott

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I don't have any personal experiences with it, but it sure is a dadgum good looking pack. If you wait until your arrive in Colorado before purchasing it, we have a couple of "flagship" REI stores that will knock your socks off! You won't want to shorten your RMNP trip, so you better plan on adding a day to shop REI. Oh, and BTW, try not to get struck by lightning. Don't laugh flatlander.. it occurs several times during the summer months. Have fun!

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Who you callin' 'flatlander'?


Hey - I'll have you know we have lightning here, too! Lots of it! Just no high mountain peaks to be stranded on - but we DEFINITELY learn to respect rapid changes in the weather that bring on powerful thunderstorms.


We have a landfill, though... It's pretty tall...


Seriously - you may have prompted me to change my Geocaching name... I kind of like "Flatlander." Hmmm...


I would love to stop into one of the REI stores near Denver, but we will only be making a very short trip this year... My wife takes a class every Saturday, so we'll be there from Sunday, 6/15 to Friday, 6/20. And I could EASILY spend a day in an REI I'm sure...


While I have your attention, what are the "must do" day hikes in the Rockies? We will be there from Tuesday afternoon until Friday morning after visiting my dad in Cheyenne for a day and a half.


I heard there is also some good hiking (and much less of a crowd) in the Snowy Range for when we are in the Cheyenne area...


Thanks for the reply!!


-- Scott

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If you are or know someone with access to the Air Force Exchange online catalog, this pack is on closeout at a dadgum good price.p_rhp-3p-camo.jpg



Eagle Industries Recon ''Hydra Pak III'' System

Price Was...$159.00 Price Now...$79.47 Our low prices include delivery.

Save 50% off of original price!


Enough storage space for the day's essentials. This system offers you the best in hydration and functionality. The addition of an insulated 100 ounce reservoir with hydrolock delivery tube allows you to carry a clean supply of water.

Enough capacity for a 2-day excursion

Made from denier abrasion a

Water-resistant Cordura nylon using ¼:'' closes cell foam

3 Pockets

Top carry handle

Detachable, padded Coolmax-covered shoulder

Waist straps

Coolmax on back for coolness and comfort

Made in the U.S.

Color: Black


Size: 17"H x 9"W


Weight: approximately 2 pounds empty


Our low prices include delivery. For faster delivery, check box for priority mail.



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Great... More choices...


Thanks Brian... I like the Cordillera daypack better than the other one.


Way to throw a monkey wrench into the purchasing process...





That Jansport pack is on backorder... Decision made... It's going to be the REI pack I believe...


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Well I just bought a REI Half Dome day pack and I am really loving it so far. It's got plenty of room for me to carry all my gear while caching and has been real comfortable.

Best part was the price, I got it for 59.99 and had a 10% off members coupon.







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Courage is the motor that drives us.

We travel out of darkness into faith.


-=The Book Of Counted Sorrows=-

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Thanks, Crashmore...


I looked at that one as well, but decided on the panel-loading style instead. Other than that, it looks like the packs are the same size at 2100 cu. in.


Ordered the Whitney last night so we'll see when it arrives...


I'm a bit curious about the hydration sleeve - is it a completely separate compartment or does it share space with the main compartment? Is there a pass-through for the hose through the pack somewhere near one of the shoulder harnesses? I would assume that the above is what is meant by "hydration compatible."


Have a great weekend! The rain has stopped so I will plan to be OUTSIDE a lot...

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While I have your attention, what are the "must do" day hikes in the Rockies? We will be there from Tuesday afternoon until Friday morning after visiting my dad in Cheyenne for a day and a half.


I heard there is also some good hiking (and much less of a crowd) in the Snowy Range for when we are in the Cheyenne area...


The Snowy Range is full of beautiful places and has some great day hikes. But it is also a several hour drive from Cheyenne, so I don't know how that affects you. There are also some nice areas in North Park Colorado. If you drive up the Poudre River canyon from Ft. Collins and go over Cameron Pass, there is a road leading to a trail to Lake Agnes. That is a short (less than a mile) but steep hike to what I think is the best high mountain lake in Colorado. I go there every year. A longer hike (about 5 steep miles) from the same area will take you to American lakes, which is also quite nice. But these also would be a several hour drive from Cheyenne. There is a bonus to these areas which is that they are not full of people like Rocky Mountain National will be.


Oh, and there is a Sierra Trading Post Outlet store in either Cheyenne or Laramie. I can't remember which for sure, but I'm pretty sure it is Cheyenne.



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I use a Whitney. About every 3 months I go and try to buy a new Geo-Daypack and after 2 or 3 trips with it I always go back to the Whitney. I've finally decided that I don't need any more packs. I'll stick with the Whitney and save some money from here on out.

I would tell you if I could come up with any flaws in the pack, about the only thing I can think of is make sure your hydration bladder has a long drinking tube. The pack is nice and deep.



He who angers you, controls you.

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Thanks, a182pilot! That's the first actual user report I've gotten on this pack. I know some others who posted earlier in the thread will be interested in this info as well.


I ordered mine last Thursday, so shipping USPS it should be here late this week or Monday.


I don't know what it is, but I have a serious backpack fetish myself - I never have enough. I need one for photography, then another for photography that isn't a backpack but a shoulder bag, one for work that holds my iBook, one for work when I don't bring my iBook, one for grad school... My wife thinks I'm nuts... She steers me away from the pack section in our local Outdoor World - it's like sensory overload...


Probably too much information, but thanks for the therapy session. Your post made me feel like I am not alone...




** The Cacher foremerly known as "Scott / WA4SE." Thanks, Caching In for the inadvertent inspiration!!

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Flatlander22 also know that REI has one of the best return policies in the world. 100% Satisfaction guarnteed on the life of the product. That goes for anything bought from them. Thats why I am willing to pay a little more sometimes on a gps or anything else by going through REI so that I know its guarnteed for life. So if you don't like the pack for any reason, even after you've used it and abused it they will take it back no questions asked. I would also recommend becoming an REI member. It has additional perks and only costs 15 bucks for life.




Caching without a clue....

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Thanks for the tip... Kind of like Lands' End and their "Guaranteed. Period." policy. Good customer service is hard to find these days.


I will probably visit their store sometime on my trip in 11 days (not that I'm counting) and will look into membership.


Again - thanks for the heads up!


** The Cacher foremerly known as "Scott / WA4SE." Thanks, Caching In for the inadvertent inspiration!!

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You're welcome Flatlander22!!! We may be able to start a support group for "pack junkies". I own 3 backpacks for several different types of backpacking and I have about 10-12 daypacks for everything. I just load it up with the things that I need to do different activities (geocaching, photography, scouts, fly fishing etc.) I know that everything I need is in there and I can grab it and go.

Good luck with your pack and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do mine.




He who angers you, controls you.

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