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Welcome note in Spanish?

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but if we have someone that is disrupting a thread wouldn't the logical thing be to completly ignore that person. He is obviously looking for a reaction, something that numerous people are willing to give him here. If he didn't get what he wanted here I would assume he would go somewhere that would accommodate him. Even if he didn't leave, the thread would only have a few interuptions instead of the majority of the posts being attacks on that person and not about the original topic.

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Since I didn't get an immediate response, I went to our international department where I work, and had one of the guys there work up the translation. I now have a Word document which prints one page in English and one page in Spanish. Does anyone know where I might be able to get this document put on the web so that it is available to everyone?

Please email me.


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Originally posted by MartinFamily:


Does anyone have the welcome note in Spanish? Word format would be best, but any text file would work. I just had a cache disappear , and I think that had the welcome message been in spanish that they would have understood what it was and left it alone.


Evilrooster and Jeremy already posted this answer, but you can find a Spanish note (or an Arabic note, or Japanese note, or one in any of 11 other languages) on the Hide & Seek a Cache page. Just look down in the right column under "Help! How do I place a cache?"


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8th message from the top, I explained we already had a Spanish translation on the "Hide and Seek a cache" page. Sorry you missed it.


As an aside, apparently 27 states have laws that English is the official language. The entire list can be found at the US English Web site. And yes, Utah passed a law in 2000, just like kd7mxi indicated in his post.


No need to get sidetracked on English being the official language or not. I just wanted to note that some basic research can get you the answers you want, if you're that curious.


Since the original topic has been resolved, I am closing this thread.


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