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What do you call a group of cachers?


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What we have so far:

A bearing of cachers

A beeline of cachers

A cache of cachers

A catch of cachers

A confluence of cachers

A confusion of cachers

A constellation of cachers

A convergence of cachers

A coordinate of cachers

A drift of cachers

A find of cachers

A gaze of cachers

A geek of cachers

A google of cachers

A heading of cachers

A hunt of cachers

A mass of cachers

A meander of cachers

A multi of cachers

A narrowing of cachers

A nerd herd of cachers

A network of cachers

A parade of cachers

A party, as in search party

A satellite of cachers

A sleuth of cachers

A stash of cachers

A stumble of cachers

A sweep of cachers

A tangent of cachers

A triangulation of cachers

A wander of cachers

An aggregation of cachers

An event of cachers

An oddity of cachers

An orbit of cachers



Vegetarian is Indian word for bad hunter



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I wasn't planning a vote, no. I'm inclined to believe that if something just really works, everyone will gravitate to it naturally and a vote won't be necessary. Besides, it's not like we need to standardize or anything; I was just looking for a topic of conversation that didn't involve complaining about geocaching.com.

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Thought of two items that werent in the master list:


Particularly for Magellan users


A HULA of Cachers


Particularly for those with poor plant ID skills


A RASH of Cachers


I liked several of the previous offerings at least as good as my two suggestions, but haven't seen the undisputed winner yet.

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When I started I hunted with members of my family, sometimes there was six or seven of us. Once there was nine. When I attended my first meeting and introduced myself to some of the other members, I got a response from one "Oh, you're one of the pack" Which I guess is how we were hunting like a pack of wolves. But we did eat up some finds though

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A travelling waypoint?


a concentration of GPS reception?


if group = "X" then X is equal to the number of DIFFERENT coordinates reported by the GPSrs present.


a WAAS of cachers?



THIS is the PUBLIC face of Geocaching, when someone learns of the sport this is where they come to

learn more, what are YOU showing them?


International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists

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Originally posted by Cooter13:



I wonder what Christopher Columbus would have been like with a GPSr?


My God, perhaps I am

Author Unknown


Depends on if the King had posted the correct coords for America. If not, he could have been several hundred feet off when he finally got here.


"Oz nevah did give anything to The Tin man that he didn't ALWAYS have" Texas Geocaching

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