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A very strange find

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People are always coming up with new uses for gps, but what I found below is very strange.


I knew of www.gpsdrawing.com for some time, but THIS is very strange.




They are going to try selling drawings made by GPS, from a storefront. It even says "GPS DRAWING" on this store. They dont have a Till yet, but they are getting one. IS THIS ART??



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Doesn't quite appeal to me...


Not sure what is going on on that one on the far left. A Fish? It looks like a printout of a track after a very long day of caching to me. Isn't that what makes art great...the viewer can interpret it any way they want...


...Not all who wander are lost... unless the batteries in their GPS die, their maps get ruined by rainwater when their pack leaks, and they find themselves in a laurel thicket. Then, they are probably lost.


-DavidMac; (formerly Someonenameddave)

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From the site:


You might find that a routine journey might look a bit like a stegosaurus driving a fork-lift truck


Hey, we used to have a stegosaurus in my warehouse, and he DID drive the forklift truck. Gee, what would THAT look like?


Maybe Dagg kayaking with a GPS?

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