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What do YOU want to find in a cache?


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There have been variations on this theme in the past, but it's one of those timeless subjects that may bring out some new ideas from time to time.


Instead of what you DO NOT want to find in a cache (inappropriate items, McToys), what would you like to see sometime? Have you found things that are completely cool, totally unexpected? What were they?


We're finding ourselves cleaning out crap from caches, and finding little else. We try to add things that might be nice to find, but it's always a challenge. So far we've minimized the Crap Shuffle. Hopefully we don't have to resort to that in a pinch.


Yes, I expect this thread to deviate from topic, and there will be "keys to a new BMW" posts that appear. I also expect the "that's not what caching is about" responses. All fine by me.


Think about it. What reasonable items do you want to find in a cache?



You have the right to defend yourself, even when geocaching!

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A dry logbook and stash note.

A couple of clean, unbroken toys that my daughter can choose to trade for.

A few camping/hiking items for the adults to trade for, if they are into that.

Signature items from other geocachers.

GeoCoins and Travel Bugs.

Groundspeak Merchandise.

Unexpired hamsters.



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Originally posted by Cincinnati Bearcaches:

Keys to a new BMW, but

really thats not what caching is all about....


Seriously, anything thats not dirty, and that is unique/useful.


We leave a lot of key chains, Mini tape measure, and Carabiner variety. They seem to get taken from the caches rather quickly. Compasses are good as well.


Hehehehehehe! icon_biggrin.gif


We hit a clearance on those Coast carabiner keychains, $1.97 each at a local store. Bought a bunch, and we'll probably buy some more. Small, colorful, useful, desirable, cheap. Sounds good to us!


Compasses are great, too, especially when you know which way to go but the tree cover is messing too badly with reception.



You have the right to defend yourself, even when geocaching!

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I like to find plastic frogs/snakes/insects. Maybe a little rubber duckie. Personalized signature items are great, as are geocoins, especially a shiny one that I can keep. (I can dream, can't I?) My favorite finds have been a "duck crossing" domino, a clear glass cat paperweight, and a ceramic walnut made by the cache placer's mom (and/or some of her friends in a nursing home).


I'll settle for a dry logbook and a working pen, though.

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I like signature items or anything that is different from the normal stuff. I've come across a few sig items so far and I was really excited to get them (smashed penny with embossed name, hand painted skipping stone, etc.).

I've also grabbed some foreign coins, can openers/coasters from bars from across the country and keychains from far away places.


When I cache out of the area, I've been taking local items from here with the thought that I'm not alone in wanting items from other places. This means tokens from the Santa Cruz Boardwalk (with the outline of the Boardwalk on one side), keychains, stickers, patches, etc.


I normally also leave our signature pack which is a sticker, a temporary tattoo and a toy compass all with the Geocaching logo on them along with my name (Kealia).


I think the favorite things I've left so far for others are:

- Magellan Color GPS hat for FTF on my latest cache

- Sharp-edged utility tools icon_razz.gif from my defunct- dot.com days

- A really cool handmade Geo-caching card that my wife made along with a Geocaching logo shrinky-dink keychain left in a cache in Hope Valley (and hasn't been visited since we left it!)


Now that I've rambled....off to find the Precious!

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I've never seen a geocoin, so that would be cool.

Where's George dollars are cool.

Unexpected Travel bugs. The only bugs I've found, I've known them to be there.


I guess what I like to find are surprises.


Webfoot frog.gif


Yeah, sure....but did he use a GPSr to find it?

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Some cool creative little item that I never thought would be a cache trade item, that strikes me as something I want to keep.


That's as close as I can get, as the stuff I have taken from caches would've never been on my list before I saw them (OK, except the $2 bill I got from this cache).



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Dagg said,


I'm with you on that one. They're the best toy car for the money. Good quality, they can take a kickin' from the kids, and they're great for collecting.


We've put them in all of our caches and use them a lot for trade items. I find they tend to get picked up fairly quickly.


In Vancouver, I've found the best place to get them is at Zellers (and sometimes at Walmart) for $1.19 each. We generally look for the special series versions -- some of those are very cool. I always take the kids when it's time to get some more of them and let them search through all the racks for all the cool ones -- it's a trip to the store that the kids really enjoy.



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In a cache, there are very few things I've found that I wanted to trade for; mostly Geocoins and TBs, because it's fun to move them along. I like it when a cache has a bonus FTF item, especially if it has some sort of theme to it that has to do with the cache. My favorite part of the actual cache isn't the stuff; it's reading the log book.


You know what would be really cool to find in a cache? Something that was left there specifically for me. I'm going to do that in one of my caches...


I'd have to say that the view getting to the cache is far more important than the cache contents. (But then again, that depends whom you're with, and who's in front on the trail, now doesn't it? icon_wink.gif )



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I like the signature Items. I actualy quested for chainmail took me 3 caches to get to it before someone else. I wish he had someway of putting his name on it. It's still in it's ziploc and has his name on a paper but... hay it's one of the only things I ever tried to find.


I've been wracking my head trying to come up with a sig itme for myself.. oh well it'll come


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