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Coldest or hottest finds?

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I think it would be interesting to see just how many geocachers still go caching in extreme weather. I personally couldn't imagine a geocacher finding a cache in 0 degree weather icon_eek.gif or it being above 100. icon_redface.gif

I have found a few caches in the snow and the temp was around 20 degrees. The hottest I've found a cache was around 90.


Does anybody know the coldest and hottest finds on record?






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I revisited a cache the other day to drop off a TB. I don't know the exact temp, but it hasn't been above 20 here in over a week. I do know for certain the windchill was -1 or lower. Windchill isn't a problem in the woods, but I had to cross a wide open RC airplane field.


I've found several in the past week in below-20 weather.



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I once did a cache hunt on top of a mountain during a raging hail/lightening/thunderstorm. I was heading up when all hell broke loose, the wind blew up, the temperature dropped 15 degrees Celsius in about 5 minutes and then chunks of ice the size of cricket balls started falling. The wind raged and lightening struck some trees just metres away. Luckily I found a nearby cave to shelter but in the there the leeches, excited by all the moisture, began to lunch out on my legs. When the storm finally passed The track I was on was no longer visible under the mixture of fallen ice and bark debris.


Very scary but an adventure nonetheless.



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I've been out in the summer, and I think the highest temp was 97.


I've been out this winter, not as actively, but I haven't stopped completely. I think it was low around 10 degrees for some of them. Most of the winter hunts seem to be turning into no-finds. I dunno if it's a weather thing.


I have plans on going out this saturday, and it's going to be single digits in the early morning. What with all this arctic air, it's a perfect time to go find those caches in swamps. And that's what I hopefully plan on doing!



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It was zero when I found a cache last Friday night in Vt. It was a micro and a short walk from the car. I was able to bring the cache back to the car and sign it in relative warmth.


I don't think any temp would keep me from geocaching. I'm a skier and have skied when it was 20 below (with wind chill of of -50), so a little cold doesn't bother me a bit (well maybe a bit).


In the summer I've been out hunting when it was over 100.


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Originally posted by kayakanimal:

I didn't know crickets had balls...and even if they do the couldn't be very big.


Cricket is a game enjoyed by a dozen countries around the world.


Coincidentally, today's Baseball was originally derived from the game of cricket. A cricket ball is much harder than a baseball - the fielders also dont have the privilege of using mitts in catching balls, too.


Cricket also has a World Series (or World Cup) but, unlike the US world Series, they actually compete against the rest of the world ... icon_wink.gif

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We have set a cache at a 108 and bagged one in the high 90s. We need to hunt in these temperatures or restrict our geocaching to the winter seasons. As it is in the summer we only go for those that don't demand too much physical exertion in these temperatures relying mainly on our chariots.

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My wife and I went caching yesterday and the temperature was 24 with windchill in the single digits! I guess we are use to being in cold weather and just dressed in layers and such! In the woods it wasn't bad at all, only out in the open when the wind could hit you!


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I've cached many time when the temp was above 100. Last summer I went after a cache on Camel Back in Phoenix. It was 100 when I started and 110 when I came off the hill. The down side is that I never could find the cache but then no one else has ever found it so maybe it isn't there.


Now I'm caching in Michigan and its cold. Did two yesterday with the temp around 10. But I think I'll draw the line when it goes below zero.


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I went on an all day cache-a-thon this past summer - the temperature was in the high 90s (wouldn't be surprised if it topped 100), and the humidity was around 100% - typical Florida summertime weather. Factor all of that together, and I'd imagine the heat index was near 120.



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I was out yesterday, radio station said it was 17 degrees in State College, PA. I'm sure it was probably colder up on top of that mountain I was on. My breath was freezing in my goatee. Wind chill in some places (like the powerline area where the cache was placed) had to be below Zero.


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