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Is the National Park Service the only federal land off limits?

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but I am not about to go out and hide a bunch before we ever find any ourselves. I am just thinking ahead, that's all. I only heard about geocaching last weekend and as a geographer, I am hooked on this idea already. We are going out for the first run this weekend to get a feel for things. But I like the idea of hiding as much as finding which is just as fun.

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Any land that you do not own is off limits until you have permission to place something on it. I have four caches placed, only one of them was placed by permission of the land owner (county park authority). I think that whether you are able to get permission to place a cache depends largly on the manager of the land you're looking at. I'm guessing that my county has some rule against abandoning property but you'd be surprised how the local stewardship will react when you ask.

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Originally posted by DisQuoi:

Any land that you do not own is off limits until you have permission to place something on it.


Funny you should mention that. Any land (well almost) that is managed by the government is public land and therefore owned by you and me. Yet I still can't put a cache on NPS, even though I own it. Not that I'm trying to start a fight here and I realize that letting everyone do whatever they want to on public land would be a HUGE problem, it's just that I'm tired of people (not you personally DisQuoi) and the government trying to put restrictions on resonable use of our own lands.

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I finally was able to speak with the land manager of Gateway National Recreation Area in Brooklyn/Queens, NYC where I hid a cache a couple of months ago. Due to previous topic posts I found out that my cache was probably "illegal" but since the area was being used for other purposes I thought it might be OK. Only one person found it and I've had it temporarily archived until I could get a clarification. I had a very good and relatively long conversation with the manager who told me that regardles of the area, no NRA is cleared for geocaching. So I'll be removing the cache and archiving it. He was very nice about, did admit geocaching was "controversial" but they do have concerns with protecting these areas.


Whether I agree or not isn't the issue. I've got to remove it because that's the way it is. To argue that I "own" it as a previous poster wrote is only partially true. Everyone owns it but the electoral process and legislation that defines what to do with everyone's property overrides my own private interests and "portion" of my ownership. That's what democracy, voting and the legislative process is all about. There ismn't one law in the country that everyone agrees with but you follow it because it's the way our system is set up.



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Making flat statements that permission needs to be acquired prio to placing a cache does not take into account that things are different in different parts of the country. One the other side to say that you never need permission does the same thing. In western and southwestern part of the country and thier wide open spaces, it would probably be foolish to ask permission every time a cache was placed. The government agencies that have control of the land would probably get tired of being asked in very short order and ban it. As for use of public lands out here it usually best to ask forgiveness than ask permission. Some of the county and/or state parks might frown on the activity. Therefore I usually stick to National Forest Service, BLM, and some of the private timber companies lands.


I realize that not all parts of the country are the same. If the rules are different for your part of the country use those rules. Since I don't live in VA or NY or any of those place I can't say what the rules. My guess that in NY they are different if you're close to the city than if you're in the Adirondacks. The Catskills might have even different rules.


There is not blanked rule that fits all the country. I would suggest that a person go to the local forums and ask about the rules for your area.


Sorry to rant on.

Happy caching



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