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Blackhawk Lost Gps System!!

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And you think we are the only ones to lose signals. I had a Blackhawk Chopper land pretty close to my back yard because they were low on fuel and looking to find the Ashland Airport to refuel. But they lost there GPS support and had to land because they were low on fuel and could not find the airstrip. Fuel was transported to there location and they were back in the air and moving on!! Pretty awesome birds!!! icon_eek.gif

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Hmmm…sounds fishy to me. Poor navigation can get you killed in aviation; the nav systems tend to be redundant. Never having flown a blackhawk, I can only speculate. They should have other systems like VOR, NDB, INS, or even the old ADF. So a couple of questions;

1. Are there some hot chicks living nearby?

2. Is there a nudist camp nearby?

3. Was there a tavern with free drinks nearby?




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Originally posted by Criminal:

Hmmm…sounds fishy to me. Poor navigation can get you killed in aviation; the nav systems tend to be redundant. Never having flown a blackhawk, I can only speculate. They _should_ have other systems like VOR, NDB, INS, or even the old ADF.


It does sound suspicious ... but was I taught incorrectly? I thought the ADF was the radio that picked up signals broadcast by the NDB?

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Not really sure of the details. The local paper did say that there were some minor repairs made while she was grounded. But fuel was a factor too. I would of thought they could make Radio contact with Mansfield Lahm airport or Ashland, and get coordinates. But you know how the military is. We may never know, if we did, they would have to kill us. It was still a pretty neat thing to happen in our little country town. Come to think of it, there is a little hole in the wall strip club right down the Highway LOL HMMMMM!! icon_biggrin.gif

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Guard helicopter lands near I-71


ASHLAND -- A Colorado National Guard crew landed their Blackhawk helicopter beside Interstate 71 Friday because it was low on fuel, authorities said.


The three members of the Guard on board were not hurt and the helicopter was not damaged, State Highway Patrol spokesman Lt. Rick Fambro said.


Traffic on I-71 was not disrupted during the 45 minutes the helicopter was on the ground waiting for fuel to be brought in from Ashland County Airport. Ashland is about 55 miles southwest of Cleveland.


The helicopter crew were flying from Harrisburg, Pa., to Denver.



"Just because I don't care doesn't mean I don't understand."

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I had an experience in the days before GPS. I was a passenger in a UH-1 Huey flying an unfamiliar route in Germany (back in the '80s). The co-pilot with the map, who was supposed to keep track of our position, got us lost. As the pilots were trying to figure out where we were, we would hover beside the road just a few feet off the ground so they could read the road signs and re-orient themselves. After doing that a few times, they figured out where we needed to go.


Navigating a helicopter is a lot diffrent than a full size airplane.

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I Follow Road is alive and well here in the western US. Normally aspirated GA planes don't generally have the power to climb much above the MEA of most low level IFR routes, and the MEAs are often right at the primo icing level in the mountains.


Running relatively low (1500-2000' above the terrain) and following roadways is pretty common. Roads often follow the lowest path through mountainous terrain, and the road gives you an emergency landing area, which can be pretty scarce in the mountains.


On the subject of military and GPS, I saw a Notam today warning pilots that GPS signals would be unreliable within a considerable distance (300 nm at some altitudes) of China Lake base today. I did fly today, but headed south to San Diego and didn't notice anything on the panel mount GPS.


A few weeks ago there was a Notam about possible radio interrupts near one of the Restricted areas between LAX and SAN. Again, I didn't notice any problem with radios/avionics, but I did see a Tomcat screaming along about 50-75' off the ground.



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