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GPS On "The Mole 2"

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That was quite interesting seeing them go into the fields, etc. to try and find the GPS, almost exactly oppostite of Geocaching. And then Heather ended up getting further away from where she was supposed to, getting lost in the middle of a forest in Italy. I mean, they were using Etrexs, how hard could it have been to use them?


But, it was interesting watching them go on the 4 mile hike. Reminded me exactly of geocaching.

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Originally posted by beatnik:

My wife was rolling her eyes as I was stating. "I'd kick everyone's butt on this game!" Then near the end I was yelling, "why are you just trying random doors?" "Look at the dadgum GPS!!!"


That's exactly what I was saying. I was wishing that I was on the show doing that. That would have been a blast to go hiking around italy. Heather didn't know what she was doing, she had a good geocaching experiance being chased by that boar or whatever it was.

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LOL Pilgrim and I were saying the same thing about how much better we could have done at the GPS game! Just follow the arrow, how hard can it be? When you have to go across county, go! LOL And Dorothy was the only smart one who was still following the GPS when she got to the building instead of just randomly checking doors, although it didn't help her get to the right door before Bill.


Yeah, Bill looked like he had quite an adventure! That would have made a great cache log! icon_wink.gif


Can't wait for next week to find out who the mole really is! icon_cool.gif We are stumped here, it could be any of those three, and they have all done a great job (even though Heather is no good at all using a GPS!)

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Originally posted by bgunner01:

MW25...I may be wrong, but I don't think the GPSs were eTrex. They looked more like a Magellan item (although I'm not too familiar with their line of handhelds).


I'm pretty sure I saw the word SUMMIT on the units.


BTW I think Bill is the mole, but it's a tough call. They all act like they're moles.

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Originally posted by bgunner01:

Sorry Wolfpack...you won't know who the mole is until next week.


MW25...I may be wrong, but I don't think the GPSs were eTrex. They looked more like a Magellan item (although I'm not too familiar with their line of handhelds).


I have a Magellin and the arrow they showed on the display is definately a Garmin arrow. It seemed a little big to be an etrex, could it have been a Map76S?

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I was pretty sure they were using Garmin Vistas. The rubber boot and side buttons all seemed to fit as well as the color. It looked as though they had put blacktape over the Garmin logo. But now that I think about it the MAP76S looks a lot like the Vista only bigger.


Last week there was a show on Discovery about the Escape from Alcatraz and they were using a Garmin GPSV to track the movement of floating debris from the bay.


Jolly R. Blackburn


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Yah that was funny, her getting lost and then almost attacked by a wild animal, The units were definently Garmin but the tape threw me off. Could the tape have affected the signal of the units???


Those guys couldn't find there way out a wet paper bag! icon_biggrin.gif Ha Ha Ha Ha




"Blood is thicker than water.......Unless the water is frozen!"

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I heard them say that they used gps to locate the miners who were trapped too. Didn't quite catch it but I think they said it helped to pinpoint the location of where to send in the hot air to keep them alive and warm.


BTW. I have been saying since week 1 that the mole is Dorothy. Still do. Anyone else had Tiny Bubbles invading their minds for a week? icon_cool.gif


Hamsters - buy 2 get 10 free!

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I am 100% certain they used the Etrex Summit. I was so excited to see them do this challenge! Heather was given the hardest of the three if you ask me...her GPS was given the longest hike and the direction given (as the crow flies) was leading her to some major hiking!


It was very fun to watch.


Tom C icon_wink.gif

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I thought Bill last week, but this week I thought it was Heather.


Here is my reasoning for Heather, and part of it has to do with her job with the GPS and the last mole.


The last mole was always stressed out because of her dual role on the show. Last week she looked on the edge, and this week she looked like she really just wanted off the show.




A = A

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they didn't have the little mouse button like my vista does. Also, I think the mole is Heather, a couple episodes ago when her fiance was there she said she hadn't been able to really talk to anyone and then last night when she was frustrating and cussing she said to the camera man "as a fellow staff worker person(something like that), where do I go?"

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Alright, then HamsterMom & Hamsters of War and Dan Edwards - it sounds like we have ourselves a wager!


HamsterMom & Hamsters of War says Dorothy.

Dan Edwards says Heather.

I say Bill.


We shall convene here again next Wednesday morning to discover who wins! icon_wink.gif (But I can almost guarantee the Mole is Bill - ABC gave it away on the third episode of the season...)

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Only 3 episodes of The Mole 2 aired last fall, before it was pulled from ABC's lineup. ABC then re-aired the first three episodes at the beginning of the summer, and then has continued to air the remainder of the episodes since then. The winner has not been revealed yet.


I think you might be getting confused with the first Mole - Kathryn was the mole then, and is also a slim, petite brunette like Heather.


This year's final episode of the Mole 2 has absolutely, positively not been aired anywhere yet.


But that doesn't mean I don't know who the Mole is... it's Bill, I tell you! icon_biggrin.gif

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Dorothy has been my prime suspect from episode one.

One big clue to me was the way Anderson woke up the players for the all night tether-ball game. He used a key, unlocked and opened each players door and woke them up while they were in bed. But he apparently knocked on Dorothy's door and she answered. (The only draw back here is that on the Mole2 web-site, Anderson claims not to know who the mole is).

Bill? No. The mole is working against the other players winning money. The mole would not have added $100,000 to the pot by passing on reading the mole's dossier.

For what it's worth, at the Mole2 web-site, most people think that Bill is the mole.


I think they were using Garmin e-Trex Summits.


BTW check out Dorothy's web-site at http://dimestorescenario.com/home.htm and pass your mouse over the exclamation point.


"No Comment"

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Yes, but the reason behind that was that Dorothy was the only one who had chain-locked her door - so Anderson couldn't open it and walk in. Also, last year's mole (Kathryn) was instructed to make sure more money got added to the pot at the very end of the game, because the producers wanted it built up more for the winner.


SPOILER ALERT: In the third episode, the one with the telegram - the "phone number" at the bottom of the telegram spelled out "Bill is the mole" (when using a phone keypad). Also, in last week's episode, during the opening credits, the moving letters again spelled out "Bill is the mole." There is also a "lights out" theory I've heard, that correctly predicted the exit of Bribs, then Al, which says that Dorothy will win and Bill is the mole. Also, the proliferation of dollar bills during the game, Anderson saying "William is a scoundrel" during the Romeo/Juliet challenge, boating/admiral references (to Bill's stint in the Navy), etc.


Seriously, if Bill is the mole (which he is), I think ABC overloaded with clues this year. The first Mole's clues were awful, and sparse - so I think they overcompensated this time around.

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I loved this show - and was dead wrong with my guess on the first Mole. This time, I was determined to do more reconnaissance, and figure out who the Mole was. I think I ended up doing too much of that, because then the "clues" ended up sticking out at me like a sore thumb. I'm not sure if I'll do as much investigating on the Mole 3 - it sure was fun last year when I was surprised at the result.


FYI - some of the best boards around, about all kinds of TV shows (not just the Mole) are at Television Without Pity (formerly MightyBigTV).

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