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Geocaching Terms and Lingo

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I have been looking around the various threads at the different terms that seem to be used exclusively by geocachers. I decided to post a list of these terms which would obviously benefit from the input of others. I am certain there are hundreds of other excellent terms that can be added to the list and probably many correction that can be made as well. Is there a word for someone who is extremely skilled at geocaching?

The List:


Blair Witching: When GPSr readings appear to 'flip' over a desired coordinate (usually near the cache site), preventing the seeker from locating a cache.


Booty Nuggets: The treasure found in the cache for trading (see also McToys, Geoswag).


Chromes: "Crow Miles" describing linear distance without regarding elevation or terrain.


Drive & Dump: A cache placed with little thought, usually very close to a road or parking lot.


Force (The Force): The ability to instinctively know where a cache is hidden when you get within a certain proximity. The term alludes to supernatural force used by specially gifted characters in Star Wars.


FTF: First to Find


Garminites: Those that favor the Garmin line of GPSr units


Geobasher: A person (usually a geomuggle) who derides geocachers or the act of geocaching.


Geocasher: A geocacher who leaves valuable items in a cache.


Geodashing: Another GPS Game involving visiting randomly generated waypoints


Geomuggle: A person that is unaware of the existence of geocaching. The term alludes to Harry Potter where "muggles" refers to non-wizard humans. (see also In-Laws)


Geosnatcher: A person who steals the contents of a geocache or the entire geocache itself (see also Plundered)


GPSr Food: Batteries


Hedwigged: E-mailed. The term alludes to Harry Potter's messenger owl, Hedwig.


He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named: The gentleman who placed the first Geocache in May 2000. The term alludes to Harry Potter's evil nemesis, a powerful wizard who must not be named.


In-Laws: Unwanted geomuggles who remain at a cache location for extended periods of time, preventing discrete access to that cache.


Letterboxing: Another stash-and-find game that started in the U.K. over 100 years ago. It is similar to Geocaching, but without the use of GPS and coordinates.


Log and Dump: A cache carelessly replaced in its original location, often left unhidden

and vulnerable to plundering.


Loose Bearings: The point at which the direction on your GPSr no longer points in the correct direction, mostly because you've slowed down to a point that it doesn't know in which direction you're moving.


Maggies: Those that favor the Magellan line of GPS units


Markwell: To create a link to a previous, or related forum discussion of a topic.


McToys: Cheap, dirty, or broken toys of little monetary value left in caches for trade.


Microcache: Much smaller than a regular cache.


Minicache: Between the size of a microcache and a regular cache.


Minute War: Another GPS Game involving playing a "capture the flag" related game on a global scale


Neocacher: An inexperienced Geocacher (see also newbie)


Newbie: An inexperienced Geocacher (see also Neocacher)


Plasma Bandits: Mosquitos


Plundered: A cache which has had its contents stolen or the theft of the cache itself. (see also Geosnatcher)


Signature Item: A specific item used and/or created by a geocacher to show that they've visited a cache.


Smurfs 292: Meeting another geocacher in the woods. The term alludes to Smurfs episode #292 where the Smurfs encounter "Wild Smurf", a 150 year old loincloth-wearing Smurf who was lost as an infant and raised by squirrels.


Sock Puppet: A person posting under a different handle in order to appear to have more than one person supporting the stated position.


Swag: The treasure found in the cache for trading (see also McToys, Booty Nuggets)


TFTC: Thanks for the Cache


The "Other" Site: Navicache.com. In competition with Geocaching.com


The Degree Confluence Project: Another GPS based hobby involving visiting points where the latitude and longitude are integers (e.g. N 42° 00.000 W 088° 00.000)


TNLN: Took Nothing, Left Nothing


TNLNSL: Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Logbook


TPTB: The Powers That Be (Jeremy Irish and Elias - those that control Geocaching.com)


Troll: A person who posts inflammatory remarks specifically to elicit heated replies.


YAPIDKA: Yet another park I didn't know about


A C atom noticed that an H ion was looking depressed, "Why do you look so sad?" he asked. "I lost an electron" replied the H ion. The C atom asked "Are you sure?" To which the H ion replied, "I'm positive."

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Help Center → Geocaching → Beginner's Basics → Terminology and Glossary


1.7. Terminology and Glossary



Geocaching > Getting Started with Geocaching > Glossary of Terms

Glossary of Terms


The Geocaching.com glossary is always changing. If you have suggestions for future additions, please contact us.





The Lexicon of Geocaching



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Wow!! Did you create this list yourself? That's a lot of work! I haven't heard of a lot of these before. I like "blair witching", "hedwigged", "in-laws", and "plasma bandits" :laughing: Perhaps one should be created for "Dursleys" :laughing:


Cache Maggot?

I did a little search today for it and figured from what I read it's a person who get an account for the purpose of stealing caches. Sound right?

I had to do an emergency google for that one when I read it on another thread

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Post August 20,2003

Reply January 22,2012

Does this set the record for oldest thread bump ever?


I think it does.





Criminey! I didn't notice that either! Well... I suppose it's far from my first time replying to really old threads that have been bumped (I've caught a few and stopped myself but I have a lot of room for improvement! :o )


I found pretty much the same definition for "cache maggot" that you did GeotaggedBloger. Someone that just vandalizes caches or steals them :(

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Interesting. A number of those terms have been superseded by different terms, but some of those are pretty good.

A few "blasts from the past":

Microcache and minicache: I assume this was before Micro became an official size, and before nanos came into common use.

Loose bearings: I guess this was before GPSrs came with 3-axis compasses. :laughing:

The "Other" Site: There are obviously many "other" sites now. I guess at that time there was really only one.


ETA: Oh, and I hate those "In-laws". I've had many unwanted encounters with "In-laws". :laughing:

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I googled a phrase I had recently seen in an article about geocaching 'Smurfs 292', I'd never heard of that, particularly in the context of its meaning - so google took me to this posting
Read through that list - are some of those still used ?
I have been caching 20 years and have only heard or used 10 in that list - I am from the UK and I am guessing this is very much an American list of phrases 


Oh! and a 12+ year bump - that beats the previous one :D

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10 minutes ago, Deepdiggingmole said:

I have been caching 20 years and have only heard or used 10 in that list - I am from the UK and I am guessing this is very much an American list of phrases 

I've lived in the USA my whole life and recognized only about half of the terms on that list.

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58 minutes ago, GeoElmo6000 said:

Funny that microcache and minicache are on there, "smaller than a regular cache"... did cache sizes not exist back then?

The original post was from 2003. That was before my time, but I recall hearing/reading that the "micro" size was created first, then the "small" size was created later to fill the gap between large "micro" and small "regular" caches.

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