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Are you a lazy 1/1 geocacher?

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I think CoronaKid may be frustrated by the lack of people that hunt caches with high difficulty for terrain. He has hidden 4 caches with terrain of 1, 1.5, 3, and 4. The 1 and 1.5 caches have each gotten nearly 30 vistors since they were hidden in February and March this year. The 3 and 4 caches have each had one visit.

I have only hidden one cache. It has a terrain of 3.5. It is also a multi-cache so the difficulty is 3. After 3 weeks of waiting with no vistors I went to visit my cache to be sure it was alright. I was sure the first to find junkies would have looked by then. I posted thisnote. As you can see I called other cachers wimps for not trying a harder cache. I apologize for this. I now know that a multi-cache involving a 7 mile hike on steep trails will get fewer visitor that one hidden under a park bench 200 feet from the parking lot. I suspect the first finders know this too so they took their time before they went for my cache. I can understand the frustration of placing a cache away from the crowds and not getting any visitors.



-- I found it in the last place I looked.

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Originally posted by CoronaKid:

Call me crazy, but I've noticed that many geocachers have a tendency to only hunt out those caches that are less than 2 terrain. All of the caches in my area that involve a good-sized hill will usually be ignored by local cachers.


I have noticed that caches located closer to the city get more frequent visits. It seems that after the initial local activity, the more convenient caches logically get more visits fom people passing through, who may not want to spend a whole day on one cache.


While I understand that everyone is different and likes different types of caches, I don't understand the mentality of skipping a cache just because it involves a little more work.


Again, it may simply be a matter of priority. If I were visiting a new state, I'd want to see as much of it as possible. Even here at home, there are several more difficult caches, and some easy ones as well, that are just far enough from my home to make me hesitate.


My concern is that the sport of geocaching will further degenerate into nothing but a bunch of drive-by caches as geocachers get lazier and lazier. Is my concern legitimate or am I just making too much of it?


There are plenty of cachers that love a challenge. I hope to place some more difficult caches of my own soon. I also understand that they will not get as many visits as the ones in the middle of town.


To me, the reason I got into caching was so I could find some interesting hikes away from all the hustle and bustle. I do enjoy the occasional micro-urban cache, but I prefer the caches that require one to break a sweat. Am I alone on this?




Just curious, do you have a difficult cache that you worked hard to place? If so, is it not getting the number of visits you had hoped it would?



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Heck no!!!! I do them all...well, I'll avoid locationless and Webcams. I'm right in a middle of a hard one...4 DNFs on it so far...one of those puzzle caches. I also like to climb up steep mountains so if a box is up there I'll go get it.


I even did a virtual that no one else has attempted:


They are missing out!!!!!

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Lazy... a very evocative word, and extremely offensive to anyone it is used upon.


We started very recently, doing 1/1's, and as we have different levels of fitness (in both humans and dogs) we choose our cache hunts carefully. We see little enjoyment in half-killing ourselves to find a box of goodies in an area devoid of interest. We prefer a fantastic view, an area of historical interest, somewhere to let the dogs go free, somewhere we can be happy we went.

Are we to be called lazy because somebody had the foresight to build roads close to places of interest? or are we to just be thankful we live in a country that does not have a five day forced march between watering holes?

We have done 1/1's through to a 1.5/4, all of which, without exception have been to beautiful places.

What we need in these forums/fora is less complaining and a little more understanding and encouragement.


have fun, we will icon_biggrin.gif

Bill, Elizabeth, Will & Kirsty


Life is just an illusion, albeit a very elaborate one.

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I don't think Corona Kid meant to imply that those who have disabilities, or hunt with small children, or on their lunch hour, etc... are lazy. Any thinking person realizes the need for easy caches, so all kinds of people can enjoy the sport.


It is a fact that any cache that takes some work to get to doesn't receive many visits. I don't know if I'd attribute it to "laziness" of geocachers though. I think it's because many would rather spend a few hours knocking off 4 or 5 caches, than invest that time finding one.


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Call me lazy, but I hunt them all. In my country there are only puny 232 caches at the moment, of which I've found 119. I can't be too picky skipping the easy ones or I'd be out of searchable caches in no time.


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First off, I apologize for using the offensive term "lazy." It was not my intention to offend anyone.


tozainamboku hit the nail on the head. I am simply frustrated that very few cachers go after the more difficult ones. I was waiting for someone like Judy&Dick to average out my finds to 1.581. I guess I don't have much to stand on then. icon_wink.gif


In the future I will try to use less derogatory language to make my point. Thanks for all the great posts. You have all given me something to think about.



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"Revenge of Big Tree Cache" and "Yes, It's Straight Uphill!"


They are on my list. Now I just need a little time. I am hoping to make a cache expedition up I15 next weekend. I'll put these on the list.


I do think that with more difficult caches you have to be very patient. I have a multi rated 3 for difficulty, and 1 for terrain that has only had two finds (and two DNFs!). I have a virtual with a terrain rating of 4.5 that has not been found and has been active since February. I don't think that the higher terrain rating is any more limiting than higher difficulty.


As I tend to tell Boy Scouts quite often: The only way to learn patience is by practice...




My two cents worth, refunds available on request. (US funds only)

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Most of my caches are of the 1/1 variety. I recall feeling as though I had climbed Everest after finding my first! I have a spinal cord injury and have a lot of paralysis in my legs and feet. I for one appreciate the availability of caches that I can seek. Lazy? I don't think so... see ya, jeff'


Camping Hoosiers

Memphis, Indiana. USA

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When we started this a couple months ago I never looked at the difficulty of a find, just how close they are to my house. I did some easy and some not so easy, one was over a 8 mile hike. Do I feel people are lazy to do just 1's? no they are probably alot smarter then me. Now that we cache with a child I tend to do more research on where we are going. I like breaking a sweat and hauling my butt up a steep incline, but with a child your fun becomes their hell. So I will continue to do all in my area, just at different times in the year. I say anyone that goes out and caches for whatever reason is not only not lazy, but inspired.


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No, I haven't been 1/1 in years. icon_smile.gif


Well okay, my answer is I go for whatever geocaches are available in the target region that fit in the time I have. Over this weekend, I had some geocaches with terrains of 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 and 4. (although I think the 3 and 4 were overrated) It depends on what's out there. If I go to the Philly area, most of the caches will be strolls in the park. If I go to upstate NY, I'll be going up and down the hills all day long.

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I'm headed to Vermont next month for a long weekend and plan to do some caching out there. With the lil one with us I do not plan on doing any 4 or 5's, but a 3 is not out of the question. If there happens to be a 1 close you bet we'll do it. I will do some caches alone, but I do find it much more enjoyable to be with others, and if that means I have to do lower level caches that is fine by me.


I see your lips moving but all I hear is blah blah blah

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Also take into consideration that not all geocachers are young. My husband takes 8 heart meds a day, and I have asthma. We pick easier ones because they are what we can do. Does that make us lazy ? No, we geocache so we wont get lazier. I would much rather stay in cool house then hunt easy ones on a 100 degree day, puffing all the way uphill, but we both realize we need the exercise, no matter how easy someone else thinks it is.


My first caches when I visited Arizona were done with pnuemonia which I did'nt know I had at the time, but I was so excited to be geocaching it didnt matter

(until the doctor got ahold of me !)


I can understand being frustrated that the higher difficulty ones don't get visited as often, but its a matter of preference and physical ability.


I also perfer the virtuals were you can learn some history along with the fresh air icon_cool.gif


So please don't think all people who do 1/1 are just plain lazy, that is an unwise, unfair statement.

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Originally posted by CoronaKid:

First off, I apologize for using the offensive term "lazy." It was not my intention to offend anyone.


tozainamboku hit the nail on the head. I am simply frustrated that very few cachers go after the more difficult ones. I was waiting for someone like Judy&Dick to average out my finds to 1.581. I guess I don't have much to stand on then. icon_wink.gif


In the future I will try to use less derogatory language to make my point. Thanks for all the great posts. You have all given me something to think about.




Nice apology. It takes a man to do that.



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I hunt all kinds of caches for different reasons. Keetah, my siberian husky caching pup has arthritis, but i love her to death and she loves to cache! But, she can't handle rough terrain, so i keep the 1/1 and the 2/2 caches for her.


For the higher terrain caches, i either go by myself or with Salvelinus, Enfanta, MissJenn or Waterboy with Wife. The hike is always challenging, but its always alot of fun hiking and talking with other cachers.


I don't think any cachers are lazy, even if you only go on a cache that only took you on a 500 foot walk from the car, you still walked .1 miles further that day than you would if you never knew about caching.


"The more I study nature, the more I am amazed at the Creator."

- Louis Pasteur

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I'll stick some of my thoughts in here cause one of my methods might be of use to others.


First, I never look at the rating. to decide which cache for the day I simply search closest, and go to the first one, if it's a virt or if the co-ords don't at least corispond to the start or parking spot I go the next one.

once I have 4 or 5 posibles for the day we all get in the truck <I'm leaving out the ones I specificaly do alone but they have the same selection choices at the start> once we get on-station we check the distance to go and the terain. If it's close and on firm level ground we all get out and go look. If not <3+> My wife <Muscular Dystophy> and youngest <9 mo> stay in the Jeep with an FRS and cell. I then hit the trail with my oldest <11yr> if she thinks she can keep up. That way they get to be part of it but not exHurt themselvs. I also make sure I take LOTS of pics with my digital so that when were back at the truck gulping fluids she can "Go to the cache" on the laptop. I think if I hit 3 hard ones in a row I might think to look at the rating and chose a 1/1 for her but not likly icon_frown.gif kinda makes me a bad hubby huh? Not perfect but it works for us. BTW if it was going to be hours that I was away fromt he truck we go and I come back alone or once her and the kids went for McD's while I hiked


oh and my avg.... 1.7 not as good as I was hoping altho I don't have the ones for a traveling cache that I've done 3 times it's curently a 1 but has been more. highest was a 4 And my wife even came with me, allmost got a divorce tho only 12 of the 35 logs I used were 1's 9 1.5's 9 2's 3 3.5's and one 4 seems even to me. oh and I'm missing 3 logs I have to repost cause it didn't work ;o( how that for caring about my stats.


Pat Patterson

Garmin 12XL

Some have graceland, some have mecca. We have the side of a gravel road in Oregon.... How did we get to be the better off?

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If I am cacheing alone or with another person or group willing to undertake a more difficult hike and who will while being disappointed in failing to find a cache will accept it as a periodic outcome of the srort, then I'll undertake a more difficult one.


Exposing the kids to it is another matter. If I choose to take them with me I'll always choose a 1/1 because I give them the unit and they do a lot of the work (with some help).


It depends on the circumstances at the timeof making the decision to go out after a cache: time, energy, and company.


"Now may every living thing, young or old, weak or strong, living near or far, known or unknown, living or departed or yet unborn, may every living thing know happiness!"

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