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Ooh, Ooh ....What about this cache???

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I've been reading several peoples Ideas for caches. I got me thinking.


First and formost I would like to thank all you folks who shared all the great camo techinques, as this is another thing fueling this Idea.


A cache that can be played as a Normal, Multi, or virtual using the same coords.


Using a good Camo I could make the Normal/Multi find a 5 dif. thus keeping it open to a lower number for virtual.


Post bogus coords. and necessary puzzles like myThicken Orange Juice, for those folks who want to play it as a multi.


Then Give a question that needs to be answered by visiting the finial coords, for a multi stage virtual.


But also include a link for an E-mail address that would auto respond with the real coords for those who want to play it as a regular or as a single stage Virtual.


I just thought up this Idea and only have a vauge Idea of where to place it. But what do you think???


I think I'll call it "Play it Your Way"



"Big Dog"

-Clan Ferguson

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Sounds like a really cool idea. I wouldn't do it, however. One of the great things about a really difficult cache is getting to be one of the few to find it (or at least being able to find it quicker than others). As a hider, when I hide a hard one, it's an ego boost when I absolutely know that my clues are solid, yet people still have difficulty. To me its more rewarding for the hider and the seaker.


I also think that hiding virtuals can be rewarding because you get to show someone a place that they would not normally see.


I think that it may be more rewarding to post multiple caches, than to post one cache with multiple ways to solve.


Just my opinion, based on how my individual ego feeds.

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Originally posted by sbell111:


I think that it may be more rewarding to post multiple caches, than to post one cache with multiple ways to solve.



I agree. If I'd done it the hard way, I'd feel sorta cheated that others had done it the easy way, yet "get the same credit" as I do.



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Harder caches are going to get less finders/seekers, that's a given. But for those that do find it, it's an accomplishment. I personally like a challenge and as long as I'm pretty sure a cache is still there, I'll keep looking. The second cache found by our team was extremely well hidden. Being new to the sport we were thinking that it was probably gone or *impossible* to find. I am so glad that we stuck it out. We're still new to sport but have added several finds since then. We still all talk about #2 and it's our favorite hunt so far.


I'm planning on placing two caches this spring/summer. The first is nearing completion (permission asked, pending review but likely granted) and will be fairly easy terrain and moderately difficult to find. The second will probably take a couple of months to set up (haven't even started with the permission part yet) but if I am allowed, it will be considerably harder. It will actually consist of several (4 or 5) log-only caches each containing a clue to the final normal trading-type cache. I will probably set up each of the clue caches as a stand-alone cache since each will be challenging and hopefully fun for those who are more into the hike and search than the trade. I will try to make it such that the final cache will only be availabe to those that find all of the clue caches but I know some people are exceedingly clever about guessing and decyphering. I don't expect that the final cache would be found very often, if at all, but I like the idea of putting out the challenge for those that are interested. I have a plan B if permission is denied in my first choice of locations but since I've already been scouting good clue locations, I'm really hoping it pans out.


Anyway, this is just a long-winded way of saying that there are those that really enjoy difficult caches. I think the *found* count is more indicative of the ease of finding than the quality of the hunt.


GeoMedic - team leader of GeoStars

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