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Next week's "Topic To Beat To Death"

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Now that the Pirate stuff is dead and the Approver stuff is dying down, we are in need of a divisive topic to get all emotional and excited about. Let's take a vote:



Would you like some cheese with your whine?


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I voted to bann 5/5 as more driveby caches are needed so more people will be able to up their cache count.


Also "cache machine" cache hunts should not be counted as valid finds.


WheresGeorge items need to be banned from "our" game.


Newbies should be required to find 100 tradional caches before being permitted to plant any caches.


Anyone with 1000 plus finds should be permitted to make any kind of cache hunt they want; locationless, virtuals, on railroad tracks, in caves, National Parks, etcetc.


Anyone removing a "Letterbox" item gets to score double points on their next cache find.


It's a joke people. Kinda in line with the topic.




"Why shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction?

Fiction, after all, has to make sense."

Mark Twain.

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I think we should make it an El Diablo appreciation week. Because I did...uhh umm...well I was going to....huh...o.k forget that. Hey but I came up with the....hmm...shoot that don't work either. My idea to........huh...dadgum! I give up. So an El Diablo appreciation week may not work. Unless you...huh...nope, that won't make it either.


We'll have to come up with something besides this and the listed topics to harp on.


El Diablo


Everything you do in life...will impact someone,for better or for worse.


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I say, JUST IN CASE, we should begin to require that all cache submissions be encrypted so the approvers can't do ANYTHING with them that MIGHT, AT SOME TIME in the future, be considereed to be against any rules that we MIGHT come up with due to circumstances that MIGHT, or MIGHT NOT, actually occur. This encryption should be of such difficulty that to actually decrypt it would be so strenuous, so time intensive, that only those approvers who are pure of heart could finaly read it, and approve it.


Those who are so pure of heart would NEVER do anything to take advantage of their positions so we would be positive NOTHING would ever be done wrong and life would be wonderful and full of springtime and light, and.... oh crap, who am I kidding...LOL, what a waste of mental power to even try to figure out why people have so much time on their hands they can spend so much of it on foolish mashing of bananas....LOL.


New Geocaching term: Banana Masher - those who will complain about anything, and when there is nothing else to complain about, will MAKE SOMETHING UP!!! Hehehehehehe.




"Afghanistan was a battle. Iraq was a battle. The war goes on."

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How about "Sunday Driver"?


You know, they enter a topic where they barely know what is going on to begin with and then throw on a right turn signal like they fully intend on doing things the right way...but then turn left and completely leave logic behind as they just keep on driving like they have a clue as to what they are doing.


As in...please post a more intelligent argument in the future and stop sunday driving through my topic...





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I think we need to discuss how we can help those poor folks who come to the forums looking for our eloquent help and directions. The ones that have such terse questions as 'I went caching today and had a problem with my GPSr and would you please help me?' icon_smile.gificon_rolleyes.gif


I'm always willing to offer some sage advice! icon_biggrin.gif





It's hard to remember that your primary objective is to drain the swamp, when you're up to your a$$ in alligators.

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