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Thinking about making a cache that is wheelchair accessible. Not in a city, too easy, in a place that gets those wheels in the dirt and grass. Must be close to a road or parking. What type of place to look for; or should we just say that "Stash Hunting" is one of those things that can't be made for wheelchairs? Help me with some ideas.


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Why not in the city? I think both rural and urban experiences would be great. My Manhattan Micro Cache is ADA compliant as far as I can tell. I also try and include a note as to whether the cache is reachable via public transportation. Some who can't drive can still reach it easily. But now that you mention it, I will try and get a wheelchair accessible cache out in the woods in the spring. It's a good idea. Also my Llama Corner cache is on a rails to trails path that is easily reached by wheels. R to T may be good locations to target for this.

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I know of only 1 wheelchair accessible trail and it's near Nevada City (between Reno and Sacramento). I only know about it because I noticed when I was there.

Independence Trail (California)

I will note that the trail was very muddy and not accessible in it's current condition. It needed some maintenance.

You would think that the National and/or State Parks would have a list or publication of these. It's something I am going to look into and if I find anything out, I will edit this post.



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I have contacted the Accessibility Program Manager

at the USDA Forest Service and she had this to say:

Your group sounds great. I am also in a wheelchair, I'm a quad, and love outdoor recreation of all kinds. I would like to know about your group --could you send me information?


I am sorry but there is no national listing of accessible trails on all 157 National Forests and Grasslands. The information about the most accessible trails on each National Forest is available through each National Forest. For more information about specific Forests you can go to the national website at www.fs.fed.us/recreation then click on the Forest information icon and select the specific Forest you are planning to visit. The information from the Forests vary at this time as our evaluation of trail accessibility is underway.


I have also contacted the Fish and Wildlife Service who had this to say:

There is a disability advocacy organization which is doing nationwide trail

surveys which they plan to publicize. There may already be some information available to the public. The organization is Beneficial Designs, out of Santa Cruz, California. Their telephone number is 831-429-8447. Good luck!


I have not heard back from National Parks yet, but I intend to make a second call in to them this week.


If this information helps anyone, it would sure be nice if you'd post a little note to let me know that this isn't in vain.



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For those potentially interested, and following this thread, some of our virtual caches in Washington, DC are wheelchair accessible, including:


"Forest Service Information Center" (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=5632)

"Awakening" (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=5617)

"Not Your Granny's Garden"(http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=11284)


These all are in an urban environment. Being "too easy" is a matter of personal taste, personal ability, and/or personal choice. All have received high marks from visitors. None lends itself to placement of a regular cache container. These serve more than one potential cacher audience. I think your point is well made that our "geocaching community" could benefit from a greater range of accessible sites that "gets those wheels in the dirt and grass". Good point.

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