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GPS help for an eastern hunter


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I should start off by saying that I know nothing about GPS.


I've read a lot of posts here and most of it is just confusing. (read above)


I would like a GPS to use when hunting. I hunt mainly in the hills and mountains of Pennsylvania. Usually I am in the woods.


I would like something that will get good reception in this environment. I suppose that I mostly want it to get me back to my truck should I become turned around in some of the more remote areas that I hunt in. It would also be good for finding remote areas again at a later date.


I've been told that mapping is a good feature but I don't know what that is or why it's good.


It looks like Garmin and Magellan are the two best candidates. Of the two it appears that the Magellan units get better reception but that the Garmins are more user friendly.


Price is definitely a consideration. Under $200 would be a great plus!


I don't know that I need a lot of fancy features. It just needs to be durable, waterproof, reliable and accurate.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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If you want something modern, it seems that you could wait a little and buy the Garmin 72, when they get that out the door.


Basic unit, assumed to have good reception.

Some of the simpler eTrex units are also something that seems to suit your needs, but they are a little more sensitive to how you handle them, or they'll have problems with reception when the forest is dense.


Mapping means that the GPS doesn't show coordinates only, but can also place you on a map image on its display. On that image, you can see roads, lakes etc., depending on what kind of map you've bought and downloaded.



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Wait just a bit for the 72. It will have a better time with reception than does the E-Trex family. Waterproof and floats. User frendly. Doesn't do mapping, but probably not much of a hinderance. For hunting, the only maps you would really be interested in are the Topo. I have used them extensively out West here, and I am not all that impressed, considering you will have have paid nearly $200 extra for the privlidge of seeing 2.5 X 3 inch topos in your hand. I much prefer carrying real 7.5 min. quads and using them with my GPS for map positioning. The extra $200 will buy a lot of paper maps and accessories for your 72 (and a good compass! Never go into the back woods without a real compass along with your new GPS!)


"Never take a sunset for granted. Stop what you are doing and enjoy it. You never know when it may be your last"

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Landjaeger - I use a Meridian Gold by Magellan and I have used it for almost a year in the hunting woods with great success. I selected the Meridian product line because I had experience with the Garmin Etrex and it's weak signal reception under a canopy of trees.


If I'm concerned about finding my way back to the truck, I allow the unit to define my parking position then set this location as a point-of-intrest (or waypoint). From then on it's very simple to let the GPS point the way back to the parking place. Works every time without a hitch.


Of course there are many, many other usefull things that your GPS will help you accomplish. IMHO there is nothing that can compare with getting out there and using it and making mistakes with it. The school of hard knocks works well for me.


Good luck and bring home a nice 10 pointer.

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Thanks for the replys. I do want this to supplement regular topo maps and a compass, not replace them.


I'll take a look at that 72. On my last search I could have sworn that I saw them for sale at Walmart for $219. I also See the magellan Meridians for sale for under $200. I guess I'll check them out and go from there.

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As another Hunter, I wouldnt hesitate to recomend the Garmin GPS 12,simple,accurate,DURABLE,good reception in the wood or out,long battery life.


I started out using the 12 for hunting and never regretted it. cant say much about Maggies,never played with one for more than a couple seconds in the store.


think you could pick one up for around 120 bucks online if you looked around.

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Originally posted by Landjaeger:


I'll take a look at that 72. On my last search I could have sworn that I saw them for sale at Walmart for $219. I also See the magellan Meridians for sale for under $200. I guess I'll check them out and go from there.


The GPS72 is not available until early November, the unit you saw for $219 was probably the GPS76, which is very similar. The GPS76 has a higher resolution display, and comes with the PC connection cord, otherwise they appear to be the same. The street price of the GPS72 will be in the $150 to $160 range, a lot of GPS for the buck. But if you were going to buy the PC cord retail for $40, it might be worth the additional $ to get the GPS76 with the high res display. I have a GPS76 and have been *extremely* pleased with it, the antenna will maintain a sat lock in heavy tree cover and the unit's large display makes it very easy to use.




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