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Problem downloading Mapsend Topo region to Meridian Plat

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I am having problems downloading a 4112 kb region to a Magellan supplied 16 MB SD card. I am following the directions from a July thread. Everything goes fine until I go to the file ProgramsfilesMagellanMapsend Topo USExportImages. I see the file I call "local", but there is nothing in it with a .img extension. When I click on the file I get an error message "Windows cannot find MapSheetsExpress.exe". Help please!



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just a couple of questions becuase i have never experienced this probelm myself.


1. are you connected to your gps via serial or are you downloading the already created map via a card reader?


2. if you are connected via a serial cable, does it not automatically download after the region is created?


please either be more specific as to what process you are doing or please post a link the the thread you are refering too. We are ready willing and able to help you...


SR and dboggny.


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You can't click on the Local file. You have to drag it and drop it on your card reader.

You can also right click and copy. Then open your card reader from My Computer and right click and paste.

Windows may not show the file extension[the .img tag]. I think Windows ME hides it.


I'm assuming your using a card reader. If your following the directions into that folder. If your using the GPSr cable you have to use MapSend to load the map.



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Thank you gentlemen for the advice and solution in loading a Topo region directly on the SD card via the SD USB card reader for my Meridian Plat. The solution was to not try and open the file, but just drag and drop it into the SD card reader. The card reader is a USB SD card reader on my Photosmart 7350 printer. Win98 doesn't show the .img file extension. By the way, the thread I was referring to was from Leatherman back in July. Thankyou Leatherman! icon_smile.gif



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