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Meridian Gold package at Costco - Good Deal

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Package deal I saw a Costco today...

Meridian Gold GPS

Vehicle Mount bracket (suction cups on windshield)

Data / Cigarette lighter power (12VDC) cable

2 - 32Meg SD cards

MapSend Topo

MaspSend Direct Route


All for only $400 (ok its actually 399.99).


Doing a quick comparison, I was able to put he same setup together for $525 to $580 using online stores like ShopHarmony, Offroute, and GpsCity.


BTW: The only location I could find DirectRoute is gpscity.com and they are only taking preorders.


I see many new Meri-Gold users in the near future.


Team Cottengim

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In a word: yes. The card & software greatly enhance the value of what is already a nice unit on its own merits. The card and software not only provide detailed maps of any place in the country, but the card also allows you to save waypoint and track files on the card like a little hard drive. I find this great for holding select files of waypoint (e.g., local caches and 4 counties' worth of benchmarks) that don't all have to be loaded at the same time.


If just purchasing a card I would get at least a 64MB and (because of the pricing) more preferably a 128MB. Still, if a 32MB card is bundled in at an attractive price, it holds enough data to be useful.



Often wrong but seldom in doubt

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