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GPS V GeoCaching tips and Recommendations?

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I seperated this out from my other question. Does anyone have any recomendations or tricks/tips about using this unit for GeoCaching?


I have often wondered why someone hasn't started similar threads for different GPS's. Owning eTrex's, GPS III+ and now the GPS V, I know there are little "personalities" to each of them.

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Be sure to hold the unit in a vertical position while using it, it is picky in this reguard.


The "Page" button doubles as an OK button


I have my map settings set to show the least amount of detail and I also disabled the POI's from showing on the screen. This will help the unit process & calculate information faster.


Before heading into deep cover, let the unit acquire a good set of almanac data. I have found that the unit will not lose coverage so long as you give it enough time to know "exactly" where it is. To make this a little easier to understand, dont jump out of your car, turn the unit on and run off into the woods, cause it will perform like crap if you do.


If I think of anything else, Ill be sure to add them to the post icon_wink.gif


When arriving at the cache location, I have found my searches are much shorter when I begin looking for the cache when my GPS says I am 20' away. You must take errors into consideration, your GPS is not always going to guide you directly to the cache.


Have fun with your new toy!




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The Garmin V accepts an external antenna which can be very helpful in dense trees or when in a car.


A screen protector is a good idea for geocaching.


When entering characters note that you can save many button pushes by wrapping around the entry fields. For example, if you are near the bottom row and want to go to "A" scroll down instead of up.


Learn how the V does projections. Very handy in different circumstances.

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I haven't even found my first cache yet (just got my V last night), but EasyGPS is a GREAT piece of software. Download the Groundspeak version from this site, it interfaces with the site for easy updating of cache info.


Using the software, I downloaded about 10 caches into the GPS. I also downloaded the map of my area using Mapsource, so I figure I'm ready to rock.


Now, I just have to find some cache trinkets to bring...

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The best feature about caching with a V is it will put you into the parking lot closest to the cache site. Sometimes this is a disappointment, I once only hiked about 30 ft after hitting the trail before finding the cache when I was really looking forward to a long trail walk. Otherwise, I usually leave the V hooked up in the truck and grab an Etrex for the hunt.

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