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Recommendations for a PDA?

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If you are only going to use the PDA for storing cache pages, get a low end one. You can probably get a Palm IIIxe for about $50 on eBay. The IIIxe is more than you will need for geocaching, but you may start to like it as an electronic datebook and contact organizer.


And skip Mobipocket... I really like using gpx2html, along with Plucker.


Fizzymagic's gpx2html takes the GPX file you get from your pocket query, and creates a set of indexed cache pages in html format. Plucker then takes these pages and puts them on your Palm (or if you are running PPC, you can just copy the html to your pda to be read with your browser). The really nice thing is the index that gpx2html creates. The index can list your caches sorted by name, ID (forward or reverse sorted), or distance from locations you specify (VERY handy). It also can display only caches with TB's or those that haven't been found yet.



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For use JUST for Geocaching, look into the Ebookman 901. I got mine for $50 and it included everything from Cigarette adaptor, USB Cradle, USB cable, Headset to tape adaptor, headphones, headpone case, AC Adaptor, Travel Power converter and software.


It comes with 8 mb memory and you can install up to 64mb card. It plays Audible books, MP3's, Voice Notes, etc.


I like the Huge veiwing area and it's made primarily for reading books so it's sharp resolution is perfect for PocketQueries.


Anyway, it's $50 from J&R Music and Computer World. Just do a search on Amazon.com for Ebookman EBM-901. MSRP is $149.99.


You can get software to run MS Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, etc. Anyway, an alternative to a full blown PDA.


Here is a picture of it: eBookman EBM-901

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The eBookman looks interesting; the expandable memory is a big plus. Since it is neither Palm nor PocketPC OS, is there a way to get the html pages from Spinner, Watcher, or GPX2HTML in there. That is, what would replace the function that I have been using Plucker for my Palm IIIx? I see that MobiPocket makes something for this, but I dislike MobiPocket. At $50, I may "downgrade;" the eBookman has a lot of features that make it attractive.


I was going to suggest looking for a Handspring Visor on ebay. There's one model that has 16MB on it. My IIIx has only 4 MB, and I'm starting to crowd the limits with cache and benchmark datasheets.



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I don't know if the eBookman can do html from Spinner. I just got it to view pocketqueries and it does so perfectly. Very sharp contrast and resolution, made specifically for reading.


I have a Palm V for non-geocaching uses but I didn't want to take it with me for fear of it being damaged as alot of equipment get after day hikes. eBookman was a good cheap "replaceable" alternative to have Cache information at your fingertips.


I have all my gear in my truck, sometimes I'll see a cache on my GPS V screen, stop and look it up on my eBookman to see if it's worth grabbing on the way home! If so out comes the Legend, hiking shoes and camelback.


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Well, I poked around on the Franklin and MobiPocket sites and it looks to me that the MobiPocket Reader is the only game in town for reading ebook-like files on the Franklin OS. My chief complaint about MobiPocket was that of being a memory hog; with a 64MB MM card in there that issue falls away.


Generating the reader files is the sticker. MobiPocket does sell MobiPocket Publisher...for $149. icon_frown.gif


So the eBookman will work nicely if you are satisfied with the MobiPocket files that Groundspeak will knock out for you. But if you want to take advantage of the gpx-related programming efforts around here, Plucker makes the Palm OS the preferred way to go in my opinion (I'm not familiar with the PocketPC options).



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I agree that the Palm OS is excellent. I couldn't live without my Palm V, I just don't want to take it with me on hikes. I did look at the Palm IIIs but chose the Franklin because of the Screen size and resolution. And I have no idea what gpx-programming it, I'm too stupid to figure it out! icon_smile.gif

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