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etrex legend has gotten very slow

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I have been very happy with my etrex legend but the last couple of times I used it, it was very slow. When I walked in one direction the feet were decreasing but the arrow was pointed in another direction. When the arrow finally changed I was 50 to 60 ft. past my target. It took me forever to find a very simple cache. I had to keep circling till I narrowed down an area. The only thing I can think of is, do I have to delete info? The only thing I keep is waypoints, which I have about 150 stored, I delete all routes. Does, or did, anyone else have this problem? gosffo

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Well, if battery saver mode is one, the GPS takes samples at a slower rate and will update displays more slowly as well.


Also, the bearing indicator is inferred, based on position changes. Sat. recep. and geom. can conspire against you.


Many geocachers experience the 'dancing bee' erratic arrow the last 60' or so, and use a regular compass. You might have just been very lucky in the past.


Good Luck,


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i noticed that my legend has problems when i turn on maps that i downloaded from mapsource


on the map it wil show im 2 blocks past my current location at times and up to 2 blocks before my current location


normal mode , waas

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