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Meridian Gold..Any tips and or tricks?

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Here's ressurecting an old thread for you Meridian users, and it may end up working for other Magellan models as well.


This past weekend, my MeriPlat drowned, and after drying out, wouldn't turn back on using the same rechargeable 2000mAh batteries I've always used. As a troubleshooting step, Thales CS had me hook it up without the batteries onto the car adapter and turn on the car. When I tried to turn it on right away, the screen pixelated and then went blank. A few seconds later, another attempt brought the startup screen and I was able to do the thumb dance to get past the lawyer screen and start acquiring a satellite lock. Going back to the batteries, and it turned on in a snap.


It is possible the rechargeables didn't have enough ooomph to push through a capacitor whereas the car was a fully regulated charge to the unit and managed to charge the capacitor back up. (I'm guessing deep inside my hat here.)


Anyway, if you should experience the same problem, see if this trick works for you.

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