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Need Help from ETrex Legend Owners

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I just bought an ETrex legend. I wanted to make sure that I had the most up to date software on it, so I went to the PC, connected the serial cable to the PC and the GPS. I went to Garmin.com and found the newest version, I think a 911k update. I downloaded the update, extracted it and ran the executable. It got to the point of automatically finding the GPS and when it goes to start updating the version the PC says:

"E Trex Legend software version 2.29


(This may take a few minutes)"

the GPS says:



That's all it does, it doenst seem to be doing anything at all. The first time I let it run for 20 minutes plus. I hit the abort button, restarted the GPS and began again and there seems to be no change.

Please help a Newbie!


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It's been a while since I last updated firmware so I don't remeber how long it took. 20+ minutes seems like a long time, but if it says it's loading, you should probably let it do its thing. The only other things I can think of are to make sure the batteries are fresh and make sure the interface format is set to Garmin.


Once the program on the computer finds the GPS, it is essentially foolproof.



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Actually I just got it working. I called Tec Support, they answered very quickly btw. I kind of figured it out on my own though. There was a button you could uncheck if there were errors having to do with the speed.

My PC is a 2G P4 so I think what was happening was that the speed was so fast that is was causing errors and it was unable to "keep up". as soon as i unchecked the box and restarted the process, it started up right away, I also downloaded and extracted the file to the desktop that time instead of creating a new file.

I hope this helps any future owners, thanks for the quick response!




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