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Helpful watches for geocaching?

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The TIMEX Ironman series seems like it would take som abuse, but I have never owned one, so really I don't have a recommendation but a suggestion...

Maybe I'm cheap, but I get the $6 sport watches from the local Target, Wal-Mart, etc. that are waterproof. After a year or two, throw them away.

If you MUST know EXACTLY what time it is, carry a watch in your pocket or backpack.




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About a week after I got my eMap my watch stopped working. I never replaced it and haven't missed it for over two years now. I always have my eMap with me so why bother with a watch?

Wish Garmin would add an alarm clock feature though.

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Besides on-board clocks, a lot of GPS's have sunrise-sunset displays. These are really useful for a quick check to se when the sun sets in case you're starting out late and want to leave yourself some time so you-re not bushwacking in the dark when you didn't intend to.



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