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Alot of people have talked about using rechargeable batteries, but I was wondering if anyone has experimented with lithium batteries. My digital camera came with AA lithium batteries and I used that thing for almost a year before they went dead. Now when putting regular batteries in the camera they usually last no more than a month.


I've seen these batteries at Wally World for like $10 for 4. Has anyone tried them and had great experiences with them in a GPS or would it just be better to stick with the regular AA's or rechargeable?

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Lithium cells have four main plus points:

- low internal resistance lets them efficiently put out high currents (very important for digital cameras, less so for GPS units),

- high capacity,

- light weight,

- good low temperature performance.

The main negative is high price.


If I were going on a backpacking expedition for a month in arctic conditions, I'd definitely take lithium cells along for the performance and low weight.

But for typical use in a GPS unit I'd rather use NiMH rechargeable cells. The Lithium ones may last about 50% longer than each charge of the NiMHs, but at a very high cost. In the three years I've had my eMap, it's been on for several hours each day and I've recharged my set of NiMH cells about 400 times. Using Lithium cells would have required at least 200 pairs during the same time.

Cost of Lithium: 2 x 200 x $2.50/cell = $1000.

Cost of NiMH: $29 for 4 cells plus charger (one pair for the eMap, one for a flashlight).

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Yes, I have used them. I totally agee with Peter's post. I do use them in cold conditions, such as when I go climbing. It is important to use them then!! Other than that, I use the rechargable NiMHs. One other thing I noticed about the lithum that may be important is that toward the end of their charge they discharge quickly. You may see a near full reading, and then it drops to nothing in a hurry.



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Elsewhere I posted a question about how long batteries last in a Garmin V. You see, it has a battery timer, so you can better tell how much time you have left before the batteries die based on building a track record for them. I get 10.5 hours on 1600 MAh NmH batteries. someone posted that they get 30 hours or so on lithium. Great performance, but as others have pointed out, the cost adds up very quickly.


Steve Bukosky N9BGH

Waukesha Wisconsin

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Ok, in another post I pointed out I had bought four Rinpoche 1800 MAH batteries and a charger for $9.98.


Well, been running these in my scanner for two weeks, and they work GREAT.


I got on e-bay to buy more batteries, and by the time you buy 4 of even the cheapest ones and add shipping, the cost is near $15.


I went back to Wal-Mart yesterday and bought the same thing, and now have eight 1800 MAH batteries and two chargers for under $20.00.


These scanners are battery suckers...and so far soo good....


Jeez, four AA Energizers will run you $5, and these things supposedly will take 500 charges. If I only get ten....wow, the savings speak for themselves.


Counter Fit Cache


...or is it really me????

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The Rinpoche "package" includes one charger labled as a "smart charger". It is only a 110V charger. It comes with four AA 1800 mAh batteries.


You may want to check around. The WalMart right by my house has them, but the one by my office does not.


Also, at one store they were in the camera/camera battery section, and at another store they were with the GMRS/FRS radios and batteries.


Counter Fit Cache


...or is it really me????

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AA batteries for under $7 at my local Fort Bliss Commisary. If you have military privilidges, this is the best price in town.


Mike. Desert_Warrior (aka KD9KC).

El Paso, Texas.


Citizens of this land may own guns. Not to threaten their neighbors, but to ensure themselves of liberty and freedom.


They are not assault weapons anymore... they are HOMELAND DEFENSE WEAPONS!

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There is a great BB on batteries HERE


4th topic down titled: "Electronics Forum. Batteries Included"


Lots of discussion about Lithium AAs and Rechargeable Li-Ion and such. There is a topic about 2800 maH rechargeable AAs, best chargers to use and such.


Having the right charger will make a BIG difference like the MAHA Charger. A cheapy charger usually will not charge to full capacity and possibly ruin a set. For example, the Rayovac 1 hour charger will literally destroy a set of batteries, never charging to full capacity and heating them up to dangerous temps.


Having the right batteries will also make a huge difference.




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