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eTrex Venture and TopoUSA ver 2.0


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I am just trying to read waypoints and tracks from the Venture and will want to load waypoints to it. As I understand it it does not have the capability of actual maps, only the built in city database. I can aslo get a disk from GARMIN that has additional data such as restaurants, hotels, gas stations, etc. I dont feel i need these.

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You need to have your garmin's interface setting on "garmin", and in TOPO on the GPS tab,click edit device, set the interface to "garmin/garmin". Set the com port to 1 or whatever port# your serial port is on. Settings should be 9600,8,N,1. Click done. Check the box to auto detect GPS. These work for my GPSIII+.

Good luck. Marc

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If you are still having trouble with the connection, try the Netlink tab/Topo USA Add-Ons button. I seem to remember that one of the add-ons was for GPS communication improvement (but I'm not certain...once you download it, it no longer shows up on the DeLorme web page).



Just visiting this planet

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This was a big help, I was using the wrong settings, but it still didn't work



Thanks also. I was able to access the DeLorme web site and down load a fix, which when combined with Marc's information got things going. I still need to learn how to download just one of the saved tracks but am on my way.


Thanks again for the help

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