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Guest Mike_Teague

Reply to that guy needing to convert

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Guest Mike_Teague

Looks like jeremy is in the middle of changing the name of the forum while I was trying to post this, so it wouldnt let me post this as a reply.. but here ya go..


How to convert the coordinates..


Alright 39.411.. take the .411, multiply by 60.

you get 24.66


-94.2477 take the .2477, multiply by 60, you get 14.862


so, ya get N 39 24.660 W 94 14.862


if ya want DDD MM SS, take the .660 and .862 and multiply by 60.. It becomes N 39 24 39.6 and W 94 14 51.7


To go the other way, divide by 60.. 51.7 becomes .861666666 (.862), etc. etc. 14.862 divided by 60 becomes .2477.


HOpe that helps!

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