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Guest Rubberhead

Happy w/Garmin eTrex

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Guest Rubberhead

I purchased a Garmin eTrex Mariner (basically a Venturer with a white casing) about a month ago. I won't go into all the details of how I picked the Mariner over the other eTrex models, but I never considered any other manufacturer other than Garmin because I had already had a GPS 38 and a fix-mounted GPS 128 on an offshore boat I have.


I found this website shortly after buying the Garmin Mariner. After reading some of the postings, I sensed a preference by Geocachers for the Magellans especially the 315 and began questioning my purchase of a Garmin. It seemed that the Magellans were better thought of.


Even Amazon purchasers rated Magellans 4 ½ stars and the eTrex models at 4 stars.


I must say however, that I?m happy with my choice of Garmin. Just before writing this note I turned on my Garmin and put it on my dresser (about 15 feet away from the nearest window) on the second floor of my two-story house. It locked onto 7 satellites, including the east coast WAAS satellite and had an accuracy of 10 feet. I regularly get an accuracy of 6 feet or less when outside. Even without averaging, I?m satisfied with the accuracy, battery life, features, ease of use, and the near constant firmware updates made available by Garmin.


Even though I?m a little worried about the fragile feeling CLICKSTICK, at this point, I wouldn?t do anything different.


Rubberhead - A happy eTrex owner.

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