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Quetico Ontario Canoe Trip

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I am taking our Scout troop to the High Adventure Canoe Base in Western Ontario for a 7 day canoe trip. I would love to map our adventure on a GPS and then be able to download this to my PC and then publish it to our web site.


Would the Sport Trak Pro handle this for me? It is avaialble in Costco with Map Send streets for $190 after rebate. Any advice would be great


Rick Jarvis


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get a good topo map of the area and as you go along on your route you can take waypoints and then plot them on a map and have that is a record of your trip.


Plus you will always know where you are and if the gps dies or batteries fail you have a back up system.




Use the above web site and you can learn how to use a map and compass with the gps.




Use this as an example for a compass that you can get the UTM cords from the gps and plot on your map.


email me for any other questions.




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The SportTrack Pro will handle the task of collecting and storing data for you. But putting the data together and publishing it on a map might be more difficult, especially if you're on the Canadian side of the BWCA/Quetico. MapSend Topo maps end at the border - even in the middle of a lake. Hopefully, some of our Canadian forum members will have a good idea of how to get map images and overlay your track. You may want to post a message in the Canada forum if you don't get a reply here.


On the GPSr side, make sure you bring plenty of batteries - one set per day should be enough, unless you're going to be pushing for more than 5 or 6 hours of paddling/portaging per day. Keep the unit high in the canoe - if you keep it down low, you'll have problem with reception and multipath accuracy - I "found" myself in the middle of Lake Superior when I put my MeriGold down by my feet when the winds picked up. You'll also lose reception when you're wearing a big silver hat - carry the GPSr with the pack over a portage. Save your track daily - after a few days, you'll start to lose some of your track detail. Also (very important!) keep the DEET away from your GPSr, or you'll permanently fog up your display.


And I don't think I need to tell you that your GPS should not be your only method for navigation. Email me and I'll send you a PDF of a 4 day trip in the BWCA this summer with a youth group.




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